Danos Fantasy First-Round Draft Pick


By: Kevin Biringer

You want Billy Harvey on your fantasy team. Over the past 18 months, Billy has been asked to assume various positions amongst multiple divisions (PM, fabrication, construction) and also for multiple customers (Shell & CVX). 

Billy shows he is open to change through his flexibility and ability to pick things up quickly. It has allowed him to excel in this role and never miss a beat. With all of the moving pieces and customer's requests to reduce headcount, having someone on the team who is so adaptable is invaluable.

Kevin Biringer

Project Management Division Manager, Kevin Biringer joined Danos full-time in 2014 after a summer internship with Danos in 2013. He is responsible for building out Project Management tools and integrating Danos’ services. Prior to joining Danos, Kevin was a project engineer for the ExxonMobil Development Company.  


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