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Danos Foundation Year at a Glance


By: Nicole Williams

In its second year, 2018 provided the Danos Foundation with many opportunities for growth. The number of employee donations and volunteer participation increased significantly from 2017, as well as the number of grant applications received. We gave away $39,750 to nine grant recipients and donated 99 generators to organizations who needed them. The accomplishments of 2018 have already set the foundation for a strong 2019, with 17 grant recipients receiving $45,000.

Thank you to everyone who helped make all of this success possible! We know the Danos Foundation will continue to have a greater impact on communities where we live and work, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store!


Nicole Williams

External Communication Coordinator Nicole Williams joined Danos in 2008. She manages external communications associated with the Danos brand along with customer events. She is a graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising design and a minor in marketing.


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