Darrin Newman Stops a Close Call


By: Brady Hebert

Thank you to Shelf Operator Darrin Newman for his great use of stop work authority (SWA) at his Arena location. Read Darrin’s submission below:

Upon dropping the JSA down to the motor vessel JB Foster, lightning struck within a mile of the platform. I immediately called “Stop Work!” The crane operator immediately notified the motor vessel JB Foster that SWA had been called and laid the crane down.

We notified the person in charge on the platform of the situation, and we monitored the weather for 45 minutes. He then gave the all clear to resume the job at hand.

Intervention: We talked about keeping a closer eye on the weather.

Great job to Darrin and team!

Brady Hebert

Brady Hebert joined Danos in 2002 as an entry-level production operator. Showing strong leadership skills, he was a lead operator until joining the staff as an account manager in 2010. Brady now serves as operations manager over the Gulf of Mexico shelf operations.


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