4WARD: Efficient Execution


By: Kevin Biringer

Chances are you’ve recently seen a news story about autonomous vehicles, drones delivering packages or the ability to turn your smartphone into a VR headset. But what does this all mean for our industry? and Danos?

Most industry experts agree that oil & gas companies who are able to adopt and implement new technology into their core business are going to be the winners of the future. Historically, our industry has been perceived as relatively slow moving and resistant to change as compared to other industries, but the drop in oil price has motivated companies to accelerate use of technology to become more efficient. In fact, we’re largely where we are today because of the breakthroughs in onshore drilling and well completion technology, enabling the Shale revolution.

Companies across upstream, midstream and downstream services were surveyed and the graphic below represents where they are focusing technology investments over the next 3-5 years.

While there is certainly more to come, here’s a few ways Danos is keeping pace:

  • Big Data/Analytics: Our Production services group analyzes driving data from our truck fleet to improve safety performance and vehicle maintenance.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The automation group recently filed a patent for a solar powered chemical injection system, allowing for remote operations.
  • Mobile Devices: Our Safety department‘s new W.A.T.C.H. card app allows users to submit BBS cards electronically. In the future this could be timesheets and permits.
  • Robotics & Drones: The construction group is looking at using automatic welding machines to weld some large diameter pipe on an upcoming onshore project, reducing onsite man-hours and improving quality.
  • Collaboration and Social Tools: The recruiting group recently switched to a new software platform, iCIMS and the new AX system are improving the way we capture and share information.

The efficient execution initiatives for 2017 span several of these categories and are improving our use of AX to store and report financials, as well as mature our ERP system. The fact that IT is playing a central role in these projects says we’re on the right track!

Amazon has changed the way people shop and Netflix how we watch movies; technology has the ability to transform entire industries and in the process leave many businesses behind. To remain competitive we’re going to have to continue finding ways to use technology to make us, and ultimately our customers, more efficient.

Kevin Biringer

Kevin Biringer is the General Manager for Shale Production Services. He joined Danos full-time in 2014 after a summer internship with Danos in 2013. Prior to joining Danos, Kevin was a project engineer for the ExxonMobil Development Company.  



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