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By: David Gravois

If you could have lived your teenage years in a different decade, which one would you choose and why?

Kim Cabrera - I loved being a teenager in the 80’s and wouldn’t have changed it. I still love 80’s music.

Rusty Bourg - 1960’s. Just watch Mad Men – the hats/suits, music, 1969 Chevy Camaro SS 396 le mans blue with white stripes, man on the moon…I was born in the wrong decade.

Brittney St. Pierre - Definitely the 50’s. I would love to wear poodle skirts every day!

Jon Pitre -1950s. Dean Martin and the Rat Pack, the invention of LEGOs, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Mickey Mantle, the Golden age of Television. Greatest decade of all time.

Vickie Price - It would have to be the Roaring Twenties. I like everything about it. The music, dancing, clothing. What more can a girl ask for.

Keli Abarr - The nifty 50’s because it seems like it was a simpler time then.

Mai Nguyen ­- The 90’s so I could swoon over New Kids on the Block again.

If you could sing karaoke with one musical superstar, who would it be?

Kim Cabrera - Definitely Luke Bryan!

Rusty Bourg - Blake Shelton. That guy cracks me up on The Voice and I bet he’s a good drinking buddy.

Brittney St. Pierre - Carrie Underwood. She is my favorite, but hopefully she would do most of the singing!

Jon Pitre - Michael Jackson. Song is Beat It and it would be epic no doubt.

Vickie Price - George Straight

Keli Abarr - I would wow Vanilla Ice with my rapping skills of his #1 hit Ice Ice Baby.

Mai Nguyen - A trio with me, Timon, and Pumbaa singing “Hakuna Matata”.

What is your favorite website?

Kim Cabrera - Hate to admit it, but it’s Facebook. I get to keep up with family and old friends with the click of a button.

Rusty Bourg - Right now yahoo fantasy football. Uncrate.com is cool too.

Brittney St. Pierre - Pinterest. It’s where I get all of my great ideas!

Jon Pitre - eBay. I know its lame for IT, but if you are looking for the most random items they have it.

Vickie Price - Facebook and embroidering websites

Keli Abarr - Pinterest. I like to think that one day I will make every recipe and make every DIY craft I find.

Mai Nguyen - Google. Your one-stop shop for everything you want to know.

If you could make one celebrity disappear, who would it be?

Kim Cabrera - Miley Cyrus

Rusty Bourg - Just one?!? Ryan Seacrest because he gave us almost every reality show celebrity that makes me grind my teeth (i.e. The Kardashians)

Brittney St. Pierre - If I made a celebrity disappear, E! News couldn’t provide me with ridiculous celebrity gossip, and that’s good entertainment!

Jon Pitre - Justin Bieber would work, if anyone considers that a celebrity.

Vickie Price - Miley Cyrus

Keli Abarr - Miley Cyrus because nobody cares that you can twerk Hannah Montana!!

Mai Nguyen - Gisele Bundchen so I could have a chance at marrying Tom Brady.

You were just elected President of the United States. What would be your first action?

Kim Cabrera - Revamping the Health Care Reform Act

Rusty Bourg - Open up that book of secrets Nicholas Cage was talking about.

Brittney St. Pierre - Bring home the troops!

Jon Pitre - Do whatever would be necessary to find a cure for cancer.

Vickie Price - I would enforce the laws on immigration and require a drug test to be eligible for welfare.

Keli Abarr - My first action would probably be to make a committee to look over all other presidents terms so that I don’t make their same mistakes.

Mai Nguyen - Play hide and seek in the White House.

Favorite toy growing up?

Kim Cabrera - Atari

Rusty Bourg - Legos. It’s like a million toys if you imagination is up to the task.

Brittney St. Pierre - American Girl Dolls – I had the whole collection.

Jon Pitre - I had a couple wrestling figures and Lego blocks. They both rule and I would still accept them as Christmas gifts… OH YEAH!!!.

Vickie Price - Football and my bike.

Keli Abarr - I had many favorite toys when growing up, but I was always fond of my Barbie dolls. I would get lost in Barbie’s make-believe land.

Mai Nguyen - Sidewalk chalk to draw hop-scotch squares everywhere!

Why do you work for Danos?

Kim Cabrera - I love working for a family owned business that truly cares for their employees.

Rusty Bourg - I work for Danos because I wanted to work for a company that has a vision for something better than today. This company focuses on their values and has a clear purpose - no sacrifice is made to the contrary.

Brittney St. Pierre - I work for Danos because of the opportunity it provides me. The people here are great, and I love being a part of such a strong team.

Jon Pitre - My dad. He retired from Exxon after 30 years in the oilfield and had nothing but great things to say about working with Mr. Hank and Danos. This has made me want to work for Danos for years.

Vickie Price - I love the religious beliefs, the values the owners stand for, the people I work with and that family comes first.

Keli Abarr - I work at Danos because I have always heard great things. I am still fairly new, but the atmosphere is great. I have never worked anywhere that employees are happy about being at work and treat you like you have always been here.

Mai Nguyen - My co-workers are my family. They have helped me to grow both personally and within the business world.

David Gravois

David joined Danos in 2012 and has been a member of the talent acquisition and human resources teams. In his current role as internal communication coordinator, David serves as Danos’ point of contact for all communication targeting staff and field employees. Prior to joining Danos, he worked as a university admissions counselor for 5 years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Nicholls State University.


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