Fabrication Works 1.6-Million Hours Without Incident


By: Samantha Magee

Congratulations to Danos’ fabrication team for working 1.6 million man-hours without a recordable incident. These hours have been put in over 11 years at both Danos’ Larose Fabrication Facility and the Amelia Integrated Services Complex.

Fabrication Operations Manager Eric Hood attributes this significant feat to excellent teamwork and a “brother’s keeper” mentality.

John Bigler, integrated services technical advisor, says, “To achieve a safety milestone of 1.6 million manhours over 11 years without a recordable incident for the fabrication group is truly exceptional. This exemplifies the outstanding leadership and commitment by the team to produce a quality product for our customers, while doing it safely.”

The team celebrated with a COVID-friendly cookout featuring deer sausage, burgers, beans and sweet treats.

Great job to the fabrication team. Keep up the fantastic work!


Samantha Magee

Samantha Magee joined Danos in 2018 as media relations coordinator. She serves as Danos’ point of contact for communications targeting customers and the communities where we live and work. Prior to joining Danos, she worked in education and non-profit organizations. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the University of Houston.


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