Good Samaritan


By: James Collins

While driving along Hwy. 385 in between Marathon and Fort Stockton, Texas, Danos Pipeline Locator Luis Ortiz spotted a distressed elderly couple roadside with a flat tire. Hwy. 385 is about 55 miles of desolate area with barely any cellphone reception.

When Luis pulled over to help, he learned that the couple not only had a flat tire, but the spare tire was inoperable as well. He decided to drive them to a spot with reception so the couple could call someone to bring them a tire. Luis stayed with them to make sure they had water and were taken care of until help got there.

This story came from one of our customer’s who called to let us know that Luis is “a good Samaritan and a good man.” We knew this already and this story is just another example of his great character.


James Collins

James joined Danos in 2013 as a materials management specialist working at the Shell warehouse in the Permian Basin. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB). In 2014, James joined the Permian staff as a personnel coordinator. In 2015, he was promoted to account manager. James is currently the account manager for Southwestern, Texas and New Mexico.


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