Heroic Efforts on Salsa


By: Tom Broom

Several Danos employees on Shell’s Salsa platform recently participated in the heroic rescue of a man experiencing a medical emergency on the Odyssea Phoenix supply vessel. On the afternoon of September 14, the Salsa platform received a radio call from a nearby vessel, the Odyssea Phoenix, that had a person onboard who needed to be medevac’d in by helicopter due to a medical issue.

This vessel was not under contract with Shell, but it did not have a heliport. Salsa was the nearest location to the vessel. The crew was asked to assist with a basket transfer of the patient to the deck of Salsa and then to assist the patient into the search and rescue helicopter flight that had already been dispatched by the vessel to retrieve the person.

Without hesitation, the team at Salsa jumped into action. Through conversations with Enchilada Salsa leadership, they devised the plan. Keep in mind, with Hurricane Sally nearby, weather conditions offshore were unfavorable on September 14. With high seas and winds, the crew would not normally offload anything from a boat under the given circumstances. However, this medical event required the crew to take prudent action to provide care for the person in need.

The transfer of the patient from the vessel was safely executed, and shortly after the medivac transported the person to a medical facility.

Great job to the Danos employees who were involved:

Structural Fitter Josh Jackson and Pipe Fitter Joe Doughty were lowered in the personnel basket to the vessel to load the patient on the basket, and they rode with him back to the Salsa deck.

Pipe Fitter William Schildwachter, Rigger Ira Williams and Rigger Jerry Weeks participated as designated signal persons and on-deck crew to assist landing the personnel basket on Salsa with the individual.

Deepwater Mechanic Josh Shands assisted the helicopter flight with landing and takeoff.

According to Offshore Manager Andy Pilney, this is “a great story of teamwork which we all need to hear from time to time. The persons involved were from several companies that we have on Salsa. Namely Shell, Danos, Seatrax, and Oil States….When the need arises, teams of people pull together and do the right thing.”

“To the man they all stated that they were glad to help and just doing their jobs,” said Andy. This is “a great example of humble service to our fellow man in time of need that our offshore teams share. The stripes on, or color of your shirt, does not matter when action is needed.”

Tom Broom

Tom Broom serves as Executive Account Manager. He joined Danos in 2016 after 35 years at Royal Dutch Shell plc. Tom holds a bachelor of science and master of business administration, both from Nicholls State University. 


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