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bias to action - saves money

When an environmental spill occurs, Frank Barnett, a Danos Production Tech in Carlsbad, NM, goes to the site before contractors are contacted to determine what manpower, equipment and materials are needed for the cleanup. He estimates the time and cost of the job beforehand, allowing management to prioritize the work in the most cost effective manner.

Before Frank joined Danos, environmental clean up and road maintenance work was dispatched to contractors for evaluation and remediation as it occurred.

The result – even the smallest jobs cost a minimum of $800 just to get the crew on-site and the average-size spill cleanup cost between $3,500 and $4,000 per occurrence.

Frank’s Bias to Action created an operational cost savings to our customer of 40-50 percent!

From the intranet High Performance Culture blog.

Intranet High Performance BlogDanos employees are encouraged to submit recognition of co-workers who display the high performance culture traits:  Bias to Action, Willing to Challenge and Debate, Open to Change, Passionate about Winning, Participates in Coaching and Empowers Teamwork.  The high performance blog is available on the front page of the Danos intranet.


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