Hoss is Boss


By: Kerry Guidry

Safety Manager Issac Dantin and Operations Manager Kerry Guidry were invited to a safety meeting at Clean Gulf Associates' Harvey facility last week. Issac (pictured left) is shown getting his first look at Clean Gulf Associates’ Hoss Barge with Mark Mathews, CGA training and compliance manager.

This high volume open sea skimmer barge was designed by CGA to be one of the most efficient skimming systems in the world specifically for use in the challenging Gulf environment. It is 174 feet in length, 52 feet wide and equipped with 4 marco belt skimmers, 2,640 feet oceangoing boom and has an effective daily recovery and containment capacity of 43,000 barrels a day.

Kerry Guidry

Kerry began his career with Danos in October 2013 as a project manager on the Deep Water Horizon environmental response team. He currently serves as an operation manager. 


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