Hydration In Action


By: Frances Kosak

What kind of actions are you making to prepare yourself to stay hydrated? We would like to see examples of your strategy for “Hydration in Action.” Send us pictures of your water holes, copies of JSEA’s or safety meetings. Danos will hold a drawing from valid entries and someone will win a YETI ice chest! Here's a few shots coming in from the field. Submit your entries here.

Pictures below: LOOP employees Billy G, Dannon Charpentier and Trevor Williams share their hydration in action photos. Thank you to employees who are participating!

Frances Kosak

Frances is a safety compliance coordinator, she began her career at Danos as a safety technician with the BP Response Group. She has a B.S. in medicine from the University of New Orleans and is a nationally registered health care professional. She joined Danos August 2013.


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