I&E and Scaffolding Crews Impress Ankor


By: Clay Daugherty

David Bynog, Ankor SM69 foreman, recently expressed how impressed he was with Danos' scaffolding and I&E crews on site, and he recognized them for their safety preparations.

David said that the crews were preparing to erect a scaffold over the water. During pre-job preparations, they pulled out the rescue pole and determined roles and responsibilities for all personnel. He stated, “this is the first time I’ve ever seen a scaffold crew do this”.

Excellent work to the crew for their dedication to safety and for embodying the Danos culture!

Crew members included:

Brent Robert -scaffold superintendent

Dhon Allbritton – scaffold leaderman

Scott McDonald – scaffold builder

Cody Lafleur – automation foreman

David Fontenot – electrician

Hunter Hymel – I&E field helper

Clay Daugherty

Clay Daugherty joined Danos in 2018 as scaffolding manager. He began his career as a scaffold laborer and then worked offshore as a scaffolding supervisor before serving as a project and operations manager. Daugherty holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.


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