INC-Free at Enchilada and Salsa


By: The Pipeline

Congratulations to the crews at Shell’s Enchilada and Salsa platforms for their successful BSEE inspections, which resulted in zero INCs. As a reward, both assets celebrated with crawfish boils.

In particular, the customer commended the team leaders Tony Cradeur and Chris Wright. Shell Operations Manager Andy Pliney sent the below recognition:

The results of the inspection were zero INCs issued at both locations, which is outstanding. But almost as important was the leadership and ownership displayed by these two individuals leading up to the inspection, leading the inspection at each location and acting as liaison with the BSEE representatives.

A successful inspection like this is a result of a team effort by lots of persons involved. Everyone has to chip in and ensure that paperwork and testing records are in order, and that the location is ready to demonstrate the care they take each day to produce safely and comply with regulations. But just as importantly, you have to be able to demonstrate that to the inspectors and work with them to answer their questions and test our systems. Both Bo Ricks and Richard Crabtree, our supervisors that were on site at our assets, had nothing but praise for Tony and Chris for their professionalism displayed, especially during these difficult times our industry is in right now.

Thanks, Andy

Crew members consisted of:


  • Elmer “DJ” Espinal
  • Chase Brown
  • Alfredo Reyes
  • Austin Verdin
  • Jordan Folks
  • Kendall Usey
  • Darrin Bourgeois
  • Corey Beasley
  • Trent Mills
  • Ray Marcel (construction rep.)


  • Joe Doughty
  • William Schildwachter
  • Daniel Anduja
  • Ira Williams
  • Jerry Weeks
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Ronnie Gardner
  • Tremaine Smith
  • Luis Salamanca
  • Jeff O’Glee (construction rep.)


Great job, Team Danos!


Oil and Gas 101 - An incident of non-compliance (INC) is a violation of federal regulations observed by a BSEE inspector and issued to an operator. Each INC has a specific resulting action and requires a corrective action by the operator receiving the INC.


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