Jim Mason Recognized


By: Josh Gravois

Jim Mason from our Danos construction crew was recognized by customer Equinor for his hard work and for adopting the Equinor safety culture. 

"As we wind down work offshore for the pending holiday season, the performance of one of our construction team members has been brought to my attention.

I would like to recognize Jim Mason from our Danos construction crew. He is consistently identified as a high performer offshore and has really become a strong part of our offshore culture. He genuinely cares about the safety of his peers and participates very actively in our safety observation program. The attached card was brought to my attention this week which exemplifies his active participation in our safety culture. He identified a transformer, warm to the touch, in an area that isn’t normally manned. Not only did he put in a card, but he went straight to platform leadership to inform them. Although this area is normally not manned, he wanted to ensure the issue wasn’t missed. This exemplifies his consistent performance in delivering construction support, but in doing so with a smile on his face and a positive attitude underpinned with a focus on the safety of himself and his peers." - Kyle Golson, Equinor

Josh Gravois

Josh graduated with a bachelor's degree in construction management from LSU in 2002. He has worked in the oilfield since 2010 and at Danos as a construction & scaffolding project manager since 2013. Josh enjoys LSU sports, the outdoors, rib-eye steaks and spending time with his family.


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