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By: Stacey Gisclair

Since Danos’ inception in 1947, there are numerous stories that can be recalled about the ways in which employees have been kEy to the company’s success. If you have been with Danos for a while, you will remember the many ways in which the people were an important part of defining the history of Danos. Deeply embedded in these stories are the employee experiences that develop the types of legacies each of us can leave which in turn create so many opportunities for well-deserved recognitions.

While our employee base is spread out with representation at different customer sites and geographies, we all have an open invitation to be an essential part of something bigger than ourselves through Danos’ guiding principles of Purpose, Vision and Values. The Employee Experience strategy is all about the people of Danos and how each of us experiences the organization. There will be more focus in calling attention to the work our GREAT people are doing to provide support and service by awarding kEy recognitions that align with these guiding principles.

The intent of the kEy recognition will be to highlight the employees and teams whose work rises above all recognitions. In anticipation of announcing the winners for the 2020 Employee of the Year award, each of the finalists were recognized with a kEy recognition. While the Employee of the Year nominations submitted by employees included lots of inspiring and impressive stories about the finalists, here are short quotes from their peers and leaders that are in the nominations:

  • Brittney St. Pierre, commercial supervisor–“She has been the cornerstone of the commercial group for the past several years and is constantly striving for perfection. A true team player.”
  • Cody Walden , power gen/electrical service technician –“He is requested by name to go to Cox, Castex, Arena and LLOG.Cody is the most highly recommended and requested technician in our group.”
  • Corey Stein , information security officer–”Corey is the ultimate team member. He’s never shy about giving others credit and gracefully gives credit when given. He will not give up on an issue nor will he allow his fellow employees to battle issues he can assist with.”
  • Frances Kosak , case manager – “She has held the hands of so many that have been injured or had non-occupational related issues. While many of us sleep, Frances may be in a hospital calming spouses and children.”
  • George Fuentes , fleet mechanic – “He has strong attention to detail in the work completed on our fleet vehicles. He also has an innate ability to coordinate logistics of fleet truck movements and parts acquisition that has made our team a great success.
  • Greg Short , Eagle Ford area manager – “He sets high standards and guides his team with a safety-first mindset. Greg is always challenging us to improve our processes and gives ample vision and guidance to make it happen.”
  • Jessi Fuselier, land warehouseman – “She is the glue when it comes to internal business between Danos and Loop. Jessi has definitely exceeded every aspect of her job requirements.”
  • Michael Bourgeois , senior account manager – “The customer recognized him with a trophy. Customer recognitions go a long, long way in our business. He’s the very first I see receive a trophy.”
  • Mary Perez , logistics coordinator – “She’s been requested by name on several occasions, the first coming from Shell-URSA leadership, then BP-Holstein, and now BP-Argos. She’s the real deal when it comes to logistics.”
  • Nicholas Martin , pipeline locator – “Nick is another great example of the leadership we can bring to our customers. As a line finder, he has a lot of weight on his shoulders to keep folks he may never meet safe.”
  • Scott Friedlander , human resources manager – “He is a source of inspiration and encouragement to other employees making him an approachable person. Scott’s willingness to assist others, and his commitment to helping all employees – field and staff – is unequaled.”

At the Employee of the Year celebration held in June, the event program included heartfelt testimonies from past winners. They shared the details about moments in their time with Danos, moments in which Hank Danos made a lasting impression on them in the ways in which he led the organization with the company Values of Service, Respect, Safety, Improvement and Integrity. Hank’s impact has been tremendous on the company and the industry over the last 50 years. Each of us has opportunity to continue to build on the legacy that, through Hank’s values-based leadership, is deeply rooted in the organization and sets an industry standard.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to recognize your team members and share the stories with others. By each of us living the guiding principles of Danos and then telling the stories, we can all contribute to strengthening the Employee Experience and share in recognizing the extraordinary work our Danos team members are doing. We can all play a part in supporting kEy recognitions and build on the Employee Experience that make Danos a great place to work.




Stacey Gisclair

Vice President of Human Resources Stacey Gisclair has over 20 years of human resources experience in the oil and gas industry. She oversees the company, human resources and recruiting activities, and champions strategic efforts that support Danos high-performance culture.


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