Kim Dang Demonstrates Bias to Action


By: Issac Dantin

Recently, Coatings Project Manager Kim Dang demonstrated safety leadership that is true to Danos’ high-performance culture trait Bias to Action and our value of Safety!

Kim discovered a way to eliminate a dehydration hazard and went through the correct management of change (MOC) channels to get it done! Kim witnessed two of her employees that were experiencing dehydration issues. Even with added shade, increased liquids and more frequent breaks, her team was struggling.

In Kim's first MOC, she was able to change the type of personal protective equipment that was being used while the crew was blasting. The blasting lances that were being used were long enough to remove the hazard, therefore, eliminating the need to wear heavier suits.

Kim also worked with the customer to start the day's work earlier, so the crew could get the work done during cooler times. Additionally, she held safety meetings with the crew educating them about dietary effects on dehydration.

Thanks to Kim's dedication, the team had no heat-related illness at the project's completion. Way to go, Kim!

Kim also credits the team that helped her accomplish this change: Operations Manager Clay Carter, Lead HSE Specialist Stephen Gros, Coatings Project Manager Scott Soto and Coatings Project Manager Karl Savoie.



Issac DantinIssac began his career at Danos in 1996 as a roustabout at the Leeville shorebase and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named Field Employee of the Year in 2007 and was later hired on by Chevron. He returned to Danos in 2010 and currently serves as safety director.


Indy Rehal || 25-Sep-2020 10:49 AM
Awesome Job Kim!!

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