Oodles of Inspiration


By: David Cedro

June brings extra-special inspiration in the Danos organization as this month we recognized and celebrated the Field Employee of the Year Mary Perez, Staff Employee of the Year Frances Kosak and the 50th work anniversary of Chairman Hank Danos. These recognitions inspire reflection on the abundance of truly amazing accomplishments of all of our people. We can recall many of the historic events in the oilfield and in our communities, in disaster response or in recoveries from extreme weather events -- Danos employees have been there leading safely with Purpose in the recovery efforts.

Over decades, the stories reflecting and evidencing our commitment to solving big challenges remain consistent because Danos employees care deeply about each other, we care about each other’s families, and we care about our customers and communities.

There are oodles of stories of Danos employees springing to action to help those in need, but some of the best tales may be yet to come. Each of us has the opportunity to be a part of those. As we head into storm season on the coast and extreme heat conditions in the west, let’s take care of each other, have each other’s backs and allow ourselves to be inspired as we live Danos’ Purpose each and every day.

David Cedro

Vice President of Finance and Administration David Cedro is responsible for overseeing the company’s domestic and international administration, finance, accounting and commercial activities. He has nearly 30 years of experience in construction and energy accounting and finance, and he has also worked with a variety of public and private companies, advising them in finance, administration and risk management. David holds a master’s degree in accounting from the University of New Orleans.


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