Permian Focus


By: Eric Danos

In late 2016 our leadership team studied the markets looking for strategic opportunities that would match well with our capabilities. The Permian rose to the top and became a core strategy the following year. At that time and in spite of the downturn in our industry we believed land shale, and particularly the Permian, could be key long-term market for Danos. The vision we created was to grow the existing production footprint and to establish, integrate, and grow our other lines of business.

Fast forward to today and the strategy is poised to pay off. We have a strong group of new staff members in the Permian who are working on an unbelievable set of opportunities. Many of you know we are “all hands on deck” right now gearing up for three significant integrated projects that will utilize our project management, construction, automation, and coatings lines in the Permian. Our customer has conveyed to us that if we execute well on these projects there is much we can do for them.

The most exciting thing about these opportunities is that the customer has a problem and they asked us to solve it for them. They brought us in and challenged us to improve how projects are executed in the Permian. The customer expects us to establish a new standard that improves safety, quality, cost, and schedule.That sounds a lot like us having the opportunity to live out our Vision - to become the standard for operational excellence and customer service.

Throughout the company many of you are working to support these Permian projects, so let’s put Danos’ best foot forward. We will show our customer why they made a great choice trusting their work to us.


Eric Danos

Eric Danos oversees the company’s finance, safety, human resources and land activities. A third-generation owner and member of the Danos Board of Directors, Eric began his career at Danos in 2004 as an operations manager for the international labor division. Eric has a B.S. in Marketing from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Read more...


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