Quick Upgrade to Avoid Shut-In


By: Lucas Comeaux

Integration Manager David LeBeouf and Integrator Brock Andrepont recently went above and beyond to solve a customer’s automation challenge. Their offshore facility’s saltwater disposal system was in need of a quick upgrade in order to comply with regulations, otherwise over 3,000 barrels of oil per day would be shut-in.

David and Brock quickly designed and programmed a new hydrocyclone control system (including an operator interface) and commissioned the system offshore during the holidays in severe weather conditions. The commissioning included detailed integration with other components such as the injection pumps, transfer pumps, settling tank, etc. Through excellent process equipment and control system troubleshooting on the fly, the team was able to maximize the performance of the hydrocyclone without sacrificing a smooth operation…and all completed well ahead of the looming deadline. They were praised by the customer and helped the overall project team work over 10,000 man-hours incident free.

Outstanding effort by David and Brock, and great examples of Danos showing what safety, service, and teamwork look like in action.

Lucas Comeaux

 As general manager of control systems, Lucas is responsible for leading the manufacturing and integration groups within the Automation Services business unit. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from ULL and an MBA from LSU Shreveport. Lucas began his career with API at an entry level position in 1995.


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