Rethinking the way we WIN


By: David Cedro

How do good companies become do great companies stay great?

Why do "best practices" change over time if they are "the best" practices?

"Best practices" suggest that the ideal practices are already in place, creating a disincentive to keep rethinking our work and continuing to improve. But continuously rethinking what we do and why we do it maintains accountability over a long timeframe because it transcends individuals, and it places accountability on "the process."

In learning cultures like Danos, we can create "process accountability" by assessing the quality of processes along with the outcomes of processes. An inadequate process can have a positive outcome (that's is called "luck"), but when strong, well-designed processes result in positive outcomes, we can credit ourselves with "improvement."

Understanding this helps us to understand what Project Lead Jamie Stoot-Robichaux is striving for at the core of the process improvement project she is currently leading. As you work with Jamie, think about the process accountability she is striving to create. Think about how transformational it can be for Danos as we seek to design and implement sustainable processes that create a solid foundation for our people, regardless of how people move around the organization, taking advantage of opportunities for growth and development.

If you want to know more about the "rethinking" concepts mentioned above, I recommend Think Again by Adam Grant. These concepts originate from Grant's book. Thank you for supporting Jamie in her new role. The importance of success in process improvement can't be overstated - we want to win because we are GOOD, not just because we were lucky.


David Cedro

Vice President of Finance and Administration David Cedro is responsible for overseeing the company’s domestic and international administration, finance, accounting and commercial activities. He has nearly 30 years of experience in construction and energy accounting and finance, and he has also worked with a variety of public and private companies, advising them in finance, administration and risk management. David holds a master’s degree in accounting from the University of New Orleans.


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