SEC Employees of the Month


By: Matt Schexnayder

Each month Danos' production department recognizes the Safety Excellence Committee (SEC) employee of the month for outstanding safety catches in the field. For September and October, we recognized three people. 

Peter Duet: While attempting to move a life capsule, Shorebase Forklift Operator Peter Duet noticed that the center of gravity was not properly located during a forklift operation. He stopped the job and called the operator who previously moved the capsule. The operator who move the capsule the time before explained exactly how he completed the task. This communication allowed Peter and the rest of the crew to move the capsule safely.



Jacob Lucas: Deepwater I&E Technician Jacob Lucas noticed that the incorrect lock out/tag out (LOTO) was in place for a job that required breaking containment. After he checked the drain line for additional fluids, he stopped the job and asked the appropriate parties to further investigate the LOTO for this task. The LOTO was replaced with the proper one, and the job was completed safely.



Kristopher Pugh: Shelf A Operator Kris Pugh noticed a sheen in the water while working on a task. He immediately stopped the job and informed his supervisor. After an investigation, he learned that a drain line had a hole in it caused by excessive corrosion. The platform notified BSEE and the Coast Guard accordingly. The Coast Guard reviewed the hose and gave approval to apply a clamp to the line. The asset was then able to return to normal operations.


Congratulation to Kris, Jacob and Peter for being recognized as the SEC employees of the month! Thank you for taking a stand in safety and a job well done!        


Matt Schexnayder

Senior Account Manager Matt Schexnayder began his career at Danos in 2012 as a personnel coordinator. Shortly after coming onboard, he took an overseas assignment in West Africa to manage the account for Noble Energy. Upon relocating to Danos HQ in 2016, Matt was assigned to the Shell account. Matt has a master's degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in health & kinesiology with concentration sports management.


Jacob Lucas || 09-Nov-2019 09:21 AM
Thank You
Nicole Williams || 08-Nov-2019 07:29 AM
Great job Kristopher, Jacob and Peter! I love the monthly recognition for safe work from our Production Services team! Thanks for your awareness of the surroundings and bias to action.

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