Small Ball Pays Off


By: Michael Guidry

The term “Small Ball” is defined as a strategy to quickly act on opportunities or potential opportunities, no matter how small they may be.

Production services in the Gulf of Mexico has been tracking and measuring their successes with Small Ball. Our customers frequently ask us to provide fill-in labor for very short periods of time. These are small opportunities that require a lot of effort with very little immediate return. Over the past several months, we have provided our customers with backfills on 29 different occasions, and we were able to generate over $91,633 of additional revenue from these temporary backfills.

Although the $91,633 is a meaningful increase in revenue, the real benefits of us playing Small Ball came in the form of additional permanent headcount with one of our customers. We have been working for this customer for over two years and have had no headcount increase for the last year. After demonstrating to our customer that we can consistently provide them with temporary backfills, they began awarding us permanent positions.

In the past month we have gained seven positions, adding $545,907 of annual revenue. Recognition and congratulations go to Bart Bergeron and his power generation team, Brandon Barrilleaux and the automation crew, Shawn Portier and his I&E team, Bubba Himel, Blake Habbit, and the rest of our account manager team for successfully playing and winning at Small Ball.


Michael Guidry

Mike is the general manager of production services. He joined Danos as a production operator in 1990 and has held many positions within the organization. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and studied Business Administration and Petroleum Technology. Mike was Quality Employee of the Year in 2009.


Lana Henderson || 01-Apr-2021 10:44 AM
Mike Guidry was my first project manager with Danos on BP Atlantis...he's the best of the best!

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