Stepping Up and Out


By: Troy Gisclair

Danos Expediter Chris Tyrney was recently recognized by Chevron HES Coordinator Jonathan Short for going above and beyond his normal job function to ensure safety on the job. Read what Jonathan had to say below:

"I wanted to take a minute to recognize Danos contractor Chris Tyrney for his efforts while managing a 14-inch casing load out at one of our vendor-owned, third party facilities in Port Fourchon. Normally an expediter, Chris was filling in as the shorebase executioner position, conducting duties that are normally not part of his day-to-day routine. While providing oversight, Chris used stop work authority when he observed the pre-slung casing slings were loose on some ends, resulting in sliding. The cable clamps were around 8 inches from the thimbles, and there was a lot of slack in the double wrap choke. Chris recognized this hazard and took appropriate actions to resolve the issue. He communicated with the crane team that they would need to reposition the sling and set the clamp tighter to the thimble to prevent the sliding.

While the lead rigger left the work location to gather some tools, the other short service employee (SSE) rigger continued to work under the crane. Due to the high risk environment and the multiple pinch points in the area, Chris again recognized this as another hazard since the SSE’s mentor left the work site, allowing the SSE to conduct work un-supervised. Chris asked the SSE rigger to shut down until his mentor returned.

Chris has done a great job representing Chevron and has shown the behaviors critical in our business to operate incident free. Also, he stepped out of his comfort zone and confronted the third party operation about his concerns. This speaks volumes on his work ethic and the message sent to the vendor on how Chevron’s business must be conducted to ultimately be an incident free organization."

Troy Gisclair

Troy Gisclair joined Danos in May 2019 as a senior account manager at Danos. He has 21 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, where he has worked as an HSE Director for a marine service company that provided liftboats to customers in the oil and gas industry, as well as the renewable energy industry through. He graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. 


Brian Carlisle || 25-Aug-2019 06:50 PM
I have worked with Chris in the past.
He has always done an outstanding job. This is the normal expectation that he has made to himself and Chevron. He has no problem working above and beyond his normal key job responsibilities.

We at Chevron preach Stop Work Authority and Chris is one of those guys that is not afraid to use.

Good job to Chris for what he recognized.

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