Talos Customer Compliment


By: Bart Bergeron

Fantastic job to the electrical crew at Talos while assisting with a panel tie-in from rig to platform. The team received the below praise from the customer.

Thanks for sending me such a good crew. They worked together very well, which is always a plus.

Each of them were skilled and safe guys. Most of this project was design-on-the-fly. George, Jason, Mitchell and Josh each had good ideas to make it work with what we had to work with.

They were patient and understanding of the delays imposed on us by a very busy rig crew.

Jeff Erdelt, I&E/automation supervisor, Talos Operations

Congratulations to the crew for the hustle and great work ethic during these unprecedented times. It is professionalism like this that will put us heads and shoulders above the competition. Thank you for “setting the bar for excellence,” which is what Danos strives to do.

Techs involved were:

I&E Superintendent George Dupre


I&E Tech Mitchell Dupre


I&E Tech Jason Remaly


I&E Helper Josh McZeal



Bart Bergeron

With nearly 30 years of experience in power generation and electrical services, Bart Bergeron serves as the operations manager of Danos' power generation and electrical/mechanical callout services in Broussard, La. Previously, he served as the department's manager. Bart served six years in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Division as an electrician's mate 2nd class, where he received his electrical and nuclear power generation education before starting his oil and gas career.


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