Teaming Up in Alaska


By: Kim Dang

The Danos coatings team recently wrapped up a project in Kenai, Alaska, with our vendor/partner Innovative Surface Prep (ISP). ISP has a robotic surface preparation tool that is helping to change the tank coatings and lining industry and as such, receives many requests for their services. ISP does not provide labor to support the cut-in portions of work that the robotics cannot reach. Danos assists on these projects by providing experienced personnel to perform the cut-in work and general labor as necessary.

The customer in Alaska was happy to have us complete the project on time and under budget for them. Francisco Garcia was recognized for his extraordinary skill and effort in this project. Another work group in the same facility was so impressed with his work ethic that they offered him a job at the end of the project! Francisco says he doesn’t like the cold.

This newly formed relationship is growing and helping coatings personnel from Danos see a new side to blasting and painting at different locations- places they never would see otherwise. Join the Danos coatings team; see the world!

Kim Dang

Kim Dang is a Project Manager at Danos. She joined Danos in 2013 as a personnel coordinator and has worked her way up into project management. She has 15 years of experience in the Sand Blasting and Painting industry from the sand sales side to the project services side here at Danos. She graduated from Nicholls State University in 1999 with Bachelor of Science in business administration



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