Keyboard Shortcuts


By: David Gravois

Keyboard shortcuts are keys or key combinations you can press on your computer's keyboard to perform a variety of tasks. Because both of your hands can remain on the keyboard, using a shortcut to perform a task is often faster than using a mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are also universal—meaning once you learn them, you can use many of the same shortcuts in a variety of applications.

Internet Browser

Ctrl+T: Open a new browser tab.

Ctrl+N: Open a new browser window.

Ctrl+D: Bookmark the current page.

Ctrl+B: View bookmarks.

Ctrl+H: View browsing history.

Ctrl+J: View downloads.

Ctrl+F: Find a word or phrase in the current webpage. This shortcut opens the Find toolbar. You can then type the text you wish to find. If the word or phrase appears more than once, press Enter to move to the next instance.

Working with files

Ctrl+N: Create a new file.

Ctrl+O: Open an existing file.

Ctrl+P: Print an open file.

Ctrl+S: Save the current file.

Bonus tip

Use Shift+Enter to perform a soft return within most programs.


David Gravois

David joined Danos in 2012 and has been a member of the talent acquisition and human resources teams. In his current role as internal communication coordinator, David serves as Danos’ point of contact for all communication targeting staff and field employees. Prior to joining Danos, he worked as a university admissions counselor for 5 years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Nicholls State University.


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