Thunderhorse Turnaround


By: Mark King


Please join me in recognizing our BP PMF and X-Doc employees for all their efforts during the 2015 Thunder Horse Turnaround (TAR). Their winning efforts helped BP execute this TAR 7 days ahead of schedule. The Danos employees served as an integral part of executing the TAR on 3 fronts.

1. Thunderhorse Water Injection Project- The WI project was the largest portion of 2015 TAR. We had zero material issues, and most importantly zero incidents from our end at the PMF, which is an extraordinary feat in itself, considering the sheer volume of material that we received, pulled, and shipped out for PRE-TAR and TAR.

2. PMF Operations- Ops efforts greatly contributed to the TARs success. Ops had a high volume of call outs during PRE TAR bag and tag. Many of these call outs required breaking out partial shipments by work pack with each corresponding TAR job call out. Ops where tasked with many non-routine call outs but rolled with the punches, handling the callouts accordingly. They performed like a well-oiled machine, and most importantly processed all the request safely in a timely manner.

3. PMF Maintenance- Maintenance did a phenomenal job preparing material for shipment, and preserving material for storage. We had several instances during PRE TAR and TAR where maintenance had to break schedule, due to short notice, to support our TAR activities. I’m extremely pleased with their performance and professionalism during this time. I can truly say that Thunderhorse TAR could not have met schedule without support from PMF maintenance.


J. Champagne
Project Materials Manager
BP Thunder horse / Mad Dog

Mark King

As sales manager, Mark King is responsible for leading Danos sales initiatives to maintain and expand the company's customer base. He joined Danos in 2012 as senior account manager. Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.  Mark King 


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