Virtual Shoutout to the Logistics Crew!


By: Matt Kelso

The Danos offshore logistics team working with customer BP was recently recognized during a virtual presentation that captured significant accomplishments by both BP supply base and offshore logistics teams.

The team was highlighted for empowering team work and was accredited for the incredible work through collaboration and coordination to help deliver a high quality service to BP in 2020. The virtual presentation provided insight into the diverse categories of cargo/bulks that our team in the Gulf of Mexico helped deliver in 2020.

Congratulations to all our team that was involved in this incredible feat!

Derek Sykes

John Knief

Duane Comeuax

Mark Arceneaux

John Vance

Tony Lagman

Adam Hopkins

Robert Splawn

Robert Samuels

Joe Hickey

Saadi Spiers

Eric Eydam

Caylob Thompson

Glenn Lochbrunner

Aaron Kalina


Our Danos team helped accomplish the following:

  • Projects – Over 50 Projects in 2020 
    • 18 drilling campaigns
    • 1 batch set
    • 9 completions projects
    • 17 intervention projects
    • 9 completions
    • 3 TARs
  • 800 Vessel Voyages
  • 2 Rig Mobilizations
  • Delivered:
    • Over 30,000 lifts incl 166 joints of riser (over 130,000 tons)
    • 1M gallons of Methanol
    • 280,000 bbls of Completion Fluid
    • 210K sxs of Dry Bulk
    • 19M gallons of fuel
    • Total of 1M bbls of fluid outbound / Backloaded 500,000 bbls of fluid
  • 1,600 manifests were created by our OLCs
  • 10,000 carbon tons avoided through better planning and more sharing of vessels.
  • This was accomplished incident-free!!!

Our Danos offshore logistics team helps support facilities Thunder Horse, Mad Dog, Atlantis, Na Kika, Q5000, Black Lion, Black Hornet, West Auriga, West Vela, and Island Venture.

Matt Kelso

Matt is a senior account manager in the Production Services Division. He came to work for Danos in 2013 as an operations assistant and was promoted to account manager in 2014. Matt graduated from Nicholls State University in 1998.


Randall Thigpen || 12-Feb-2021 10:07 PM
Good job team.Proud of your sucess.

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