Willie Wows the Customer


By: Justin Yates

Offshore installation managers at BP Argos recently sent a letter praising Crane Operator Willie Comeaux for utilizing his Stop Work Authority on two separate occasions. The letter stated:

“BP MadDog2 is pleased to inform you that Willie Comeaux’s individual efforts are recognized for stopping the job on two separate occasions due to malfunctioning equipment. Willie’s courage to stop operations and communicate concerns greatly reduced safety risks and started the process for troubleshooting and corrective maintenance for the equipment. Willie demonstrated strong operating discipline and BP’s desired behaviors of Courage, Respect and Excellence while performing this extraordinary task.”

Great job, Willie! Thank you for living Danos’ value of Safety and for solving our customer's challenges.


Justin Yates

Senior Account Manager Justin Yates joined Danos in 2013 as account manager in Equitorial Guinea. He then worked as supply chain coordinator before moving to his current role in November 2019. Prior to joining Danos, Justin served in the U.S. Air Force for seven years. 


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