Welcoming New Customers to Project Services


By: James Callahan

​Staying focused on existing customers is essential, but solving challenges for both existing and new customers is an exciting way to deliver our purpose. Since starting our “Small Ball” initiative, every service line has solved challenges for new customers.

Examples of these new customers include the following: a shelf operator for construction, an international engineering and drilling company for rope access, a shelf operator with I&E requirements and a major deepwater operator who needed I&E and mechanical call-out services.

Small Ball Pays Off


By: Michael Guidry

​The term “Small Ball” is defined as a strategy to quickly act on opportunities or potential opportunities, no matter how small they may be. Production services in the Gulf of Mexico has been tracking and measuring their successes with Small Ball. Our customers frequently ask us to provide fill-in labor for very short periods of time. These are small opportunities that require a lot of effort with very little immediate return. Read More...

Video: Team Danos Restores Energy to Texas


By: The Pipeline

Owner Paul Danos thanks and recognizes Danos employees assigned to the Mesquite account for their excellent customer service to get production back online after the artic blast in Texas. Their dedication and determination in addressing the customer needs with urgency played an integral part in getting energy restored in the state. Read More...

Titan Team Meets 2020 Challenges


By: Matthew Pere

​With all the challenges faced in 2020, Danos’ customer Equinor recognized our operations team for their outstanding effort on the customer’s Titan asset. The crew worked 81,658 hours without a recordable incident in 2020. Read More...

Danos and Energy Transition


By: Reed Pere

The Danos business development team is actively developing tactical plans for opportunities to offer many of our existing oil and gas service lines into the renewable energy market. The team, while still laser focused on our oil and gas customers and their projects, has come to understand that many of the things we do, and do well, transfer into this new and exciting energy transition that is happening inside and outside of our industry. There are hundreds of projects to build and construct wind and solar farms around the country. A large and mature footprint already exists in Texas, several in operation in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins. While we are pursuing the new construction of onshore and offshore wind, onshore solar farms and other renewable projects, these existing farms already in operation need services that Danos can provide.


LOOP Team Reaches 19 Years IFO


By: Matthew Pere

​Upon completion of work on Friday, February 26, the Danos maintenance and warehouse teams at LOOP in Galliano reached 19 years of incident free operations (IFO). In this time, the team has worked a combined 621,698 man-hours without a recordable incident Read More...

Shining the Safety Spotlight on Harry Ford


By: Nick LeBlanc

Danos I&E Superintendent Harry Ford, was recognized during our weekly safety call for his site leadership with assisting and managing Danos personnel and several sub-contractors in regards to W.A.T.C.H. card participation.

Harry oversees that Danos employees and sub-contractors are completing daily on-site observations, otherwise known as W.A.T.C.H. cards.

Automation Team Solves BIG Challenge


By: Brandon Barrilleaux

​Danos recently won a bid to upgrade a programmable logic controller (PLC) control system that automates oil and gas valves and pumps on an offshore transmission platform.

What does this mean? Danos' automation team stepped up and successfully designed and factory acceptance tested (FAT) a 12 processor and a 36 input/output (IO) rack control system that will be installed on the platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Final Town Hall of 2020


By: Tara Morvant

At our final Town Hall meeting of the year, Owner Paul Danos reflected on the BIG wins and how we pulled together to overcome the challenges of 2020. He also introduced our 2021 strategic priorities, themed Determined to Dominate (D2). Read More...

Danos Scores Big in the Gulf


By: The Pipeline

​Welcome new team members!

Danos has been awarded a multi-year contract for production operations with Fieldwood Energy, LLC, a major oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico. Our team successfully transitioned 107 employees to Danos over a 30-day period with zero safety or operational issues. The contract began in October, and the employee transition was completed on November 9.