Final Town Hall of 2020


By: Tara Morvant

At our final Town Hall meeting of the year, Owner Paul Danos reflected on the BIG winsand how we pulled together to overcome the challenges of 2020. He also introducedour 2021 strategic priorities, themed Determined to Dominate (D2). Read More...

Way to W.A.T.C.H.


By: Matt Schexnayder

urtis Jackson, a deepwater mechanic for Danos, recently submitted a great near miss W.A.T.C.H. card on a routine task that he was involved in.

Curtis was performing a standard addition to the water maker when he noticed something was off. The chemical that was about to be added to the water maker was toxic and would impose safety
and environmental damage if not removed immediately.

Removing the Bar


By: Scott Soto

While working offshore on Shell Appomattox, Danos Blaster Painter Sammy Roa was blasting in the overhead on the northwest hull column when he found a flat bar on top of the beam. The flat bar was approximately 18 inches long, 3 inches wide and weighed 2.3 pounds. Sammy removed the flat bar and reported it to his supervisors. The flat bar was then taken to the health, safety, environment (HSE) department, and the drop factor was performed. Read More...

Brandon Tomlinson's Big Save


By: Brian Gray

​Brandon Tomlinson is a Danos lease operator on the Oxy account in the Welch/Cedar Lake unit. While running his route, Brandon drove up on location and noticed the beam unit bridle starting to fray apart. He immediately used stop work authority (SWA), called his field supervisor and safely locked out/tagged out (LOTO) the unit until Alexander Lift could properly repair the beam unit bridle. Read More...

Great Catch, David Davis!


By: Shawn Wheeler

Danos Senior Lease Operator David Davis was recently commended for a great catch while working on the Olympus Energy well pad. David was following Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) procedures and while in doing so, found a number of valves with the inner and outer retaining stops completely loosened. At that moment, David invoked his right to Stop Work Authority (SWA) to ensure the valves were repaired while on the pad, allowing work to continue safely. Read More...

And the Good Catch Award Goes to...


By: Jason Finstad

Congratulations to Eric Urioste, Danos lease operator for Chesapeake Energy, who was recently awarded Chesapeake's Good Catch Award. Eric used stop work authority (SWA) while on location when he noticed a worker not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Read More...

Like Cream Rising to the Top


By: Eugene Rodrigue

​2020 continues to bring its trials to the workforce in the BP warehouses. Recently, the teams evacuated for two hurricanes, first with Laura and then with Delta. The Danos warehouse team on the BP facilities really stood up to the challenges. Most of the time, the warehouse folks are some of the last to leave before the core crew. Read More...

Danos Construction Crew Stays Focused


By: Josh Gravois

​Danos customer ENI recently praised Danos for the work performed for a construction project on ENI's Allegheny. Neil Manior, ENI production supervisor recognized the crew for being professional, focused and providing great work! Read More...

Darrin Newman Stops a Close Call


By: Brady Hebert

​Thank you to Shelf Operator Darrin Newman for his great use of stop work authority (SWA) at his Arena location. Read Darrin’s submission: Upon dropping the JSA down to the motor vessel JB Foster, lightning struck within a mile of the platform. I immediately called “Stop Work!” Read More...

Scaffolding Impresses at JSM


By: Clay Daugherty

Management for Danos customer Chevron recently praised Danos’ scaffolding team for their work at Jack St. Malo (JSM). Emile Boudreaux, JSM offshore installation manager, recognized the crew for an excellent job on their complex scaffold builds and for continuously working safely.