Setting the Bar with Stones Project


By: The Pipeline

On Tuesday, March 6, the Shell Stones pancake deck departed from the Amelia Integrated Services Complex to begin the journey to its final destination. The AISC team logged 15,000 man hours over 5 months fabricating, painting, and automating this pancake deck. One customer representative thinks Danos is "setting the bar for leading a safe work culture." Read More...

International Customer Compliments Fabrication


By: Danny Johns

Danos International Sales Representative Danny Johns recently followed up with the Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc. (MEGI) representative in charge of the installation of the water injection system Danos’ Amelia Integrated Services Complex recently fabricated and delivered. A while back, this MEGI representative said he would reserve judgment of our fabrication work until the installation was underway. Read More...

Top 5 Fireproofing Crew


By: Clay Carter

On October 15, the head of fireproofing for Carboline visited the Danos worksite in North Carolina. The word from other Carboline representatives is that he is a perfectionist when inspecting cementous fireproofing. After reviewing our completed scope and wire mesh applications, we received his feedback on a conference call that afternoon. He said, “This is one of the top 5 fireproofing crews I have ever seen.” Read More...

Solving a Big Challenge for Our Customer


By: Lucas Comeaux

The Automation Services group recently helped solve a big challenge for one of our customers. Like so many other unfortunate stories, Hurricane Harvey took its toll on an automated oil production facility southwest of Houston. Needless to say, floodwaters and electronic control systems don’t mix very well. Read More...

Our Shining Stars in the Lone Star State


By: Reed Pere

The Danos crews for the Hurricane Harvey project in Houston consisted of employees borrowed from Automation, Coatings, and Construction Services. Each team member contributed a unique skill and perspective that in turn formed well-balanced units that were capable of accomplishing the common goal — to solve one big challenge for our customer and the Houston community. Although everyone played their part in this successful operation, I would personally like to recognize a few that were stellar. Read More...

Customer Commends Coatings Crew for Superior Safety


By: The Pipeline

My name is Donnie Massey. I’m the behavioral based safety management specialist for Shell Deepwater. I travel around the Gulf of Mexico to each of our Shell assets interacting with our BBSM teams and our partners to provide training and coaching. Read More...

Venice Shorebase Provides Excellent Customer Service


By: Josh Guidry

The Venice shorebase recently received a piece of equipment that was headed to a Chevron location, but could not be loaded out because of the condition it arrived in. Dispatcher Casey Patrick, Forklift Operator Warren Hills and Crane Operator Justin Moreau worked with multiple vendors to get what was needed to have the equipment loaded and shipped out on time. Read More...

Fueling Success at Bristow


By: Travis Williams

Ground Support Supervisor Jimmie Morris stopped the job after determining the load of fuel he was about to receive from a Macro truck didn't pass inspection per the American Petroleum Institute gravity test. Once he notified the truck driver of the failed test, he retested the fuel a second and third time per protocol. Read More...

Hooked on Safety Aboard Marlin


By: Brady Hebert

Maurice Conley, Danos Crane Operator working on Anadarko’s Marlin TLP, was recently recognized by Anadarko upper management for using his Stop Work Authority during a regulatory inspection. The inspector requested that he function or operate a “hydraulic release” system on the crane that he was operating. What Maurice did next was highly praised by the customer. Read More...

New Employee Makes Impression on Customer


By: Rene Vidrine

Bruno Baca has been with Danos for only 22 days and is already proving he has a strong bias to action when it comes to safety. Because of Bruno's awareness of his surroundings, he successfully stopped two potential hazards. His W.A.T.C.H. card was not only noticed but praised by the customer. Read More...