Shell Olympus Recognizes Long Le and Khanh Tran


By: Scott Soto

​Olympus crew, led by Foreman Long Le and Relief Foreman Khanh Tran, recently took advantage of an opportunity when several portable water tanks were removed from an area allowing full access to the decks. Upon completing the work, the crew was immediately recognized by Shell leadership and Danos leadership for the safe (Goal Zero) work and the quality of the work that will ultimately extend the service life of the deck area. Read More...

Scaffolding Crew Recognized


By: Andrew Rodrigue

​Customer Jack St. Malo (JSM) of Chevron recently recognized Danos' scaffold crew for identifying a potential dropped object.

The scaffold crew discovered a pipe stop that had come loose from the pipe support. It was identified as a potential drop object and removed. The pipe stop measured two inches by four inches, weighing one pound and had the potential to fall 30 feet to the deck below.

Construction, Fabrication & Logistics Crew Recognized


By: Tara Morvant

When Shell platform Enchilada found a small leak resulting in a full shut in, Danos stepped in to take immediate action. The Danos construction crew drew plans for a replacement pipe spool and found the materials needed. Then the fabrication and logistics team proceeded to build, test and ship the replacement to the heliport to fly out in six hours. Read More...

Danos Employees Recognized


By: Josh Gravois

When customers BP and Diamond Offshore found themselves in a bind on a recent weekend of need to find a NACE certified welder to perform time-critical welds, Danos was one of five companies contacted to execute this work. Of the five companies contacted, Danos was the only company to respond.

The Danos team immediately got to work gathering required credentials and equipment and then mobilizing Welder Joseph Ballard to the heliport and the necessary equipment and materials to the dock.

Nick Murphy and Jacob Rodriguez Recognized


By: Jason Finstad

During the January safety meeting, customer EP Energy recognized Danos Lease Operators Nick Murphy and Jacob Rodriguez for their use of Stop Work Authority (SWA).

Nick invoked his SWA when he noticed that a truck driver parked three feet away from a pressurized pipe and that his tires were not chocked while filling up his truck with chemicals. Nick approached the driver and explained the importance of being outside the 35 foot hot zone.

Jacob was approaching his facility when he noticed a vehicle that was driving over the posted speed limit.

Coatings Crew Recognized by Shell


By: Clay Carter

​The Danos coatings crew led by Foreman Merick Chambers has been an integral part of the success in mitigating threats to the pipeline caused by corrosion for customer Shell Midstream.

Check out the stats below from Shell Offshore Coatings Program Manager Jeffrey Brown on the Danos coatings crew.

Danos Coatings Crew Recognized


By: Kim Dang

Our Danos coatings crew, led by Foreman Merick Chambers, was recently recognized by SPLC Offshore Coatings Program Manager Jeffrey Brown for exceptional safety measures used while on a job following the holidays.

While on SP 89 setting up for blasting, our Danos coatings crew began applying filter media to generators, one within six feet of a handrail over water. They ensured that all safety measures were taken and that the proper fall protection equipment was worn, including personal flotation devices. (PFD)

Rope Access Transition Demonstration


By: The Pipeline

On Tuesday, January 7, Danos presented a rope access transition demonstration for Shell representatives to view our new rope access service offering.

"Please let everyone there know how much we appreciated the efforts that went towards hosting us yesterday. The result of the demonstration was nothing short of exceptional. This was anticipated, of course, based on the caliber of your organization and what we’ve been accustomed to." - Shell Auditor

Recognizing Jason Cheramie, Shawn Mefford, Ken Barthelamy & Ricky Labat


By: Troy Gisclair

Several of our team members at Chevron Galliano Heliport recently received praise from Senior Pilot Brad Weeks for their attention to detail and excellent leadership skills.

​"I wanted to take the time to recognize four of the Danos ground support staff that work at the Chevron Galliano Airbase. Jason Cheramie, Shawn Mefford, Ken Barthelamy and Ricky Labat provide excellent service to our group.

Jim Mason Recognized


By: Josh Gravois

Jim Mason from our Danos construction crew was recognized by customer Equinor for his hard work and for adopting the Equinor safety culture.

"As we wind down work offshore for the pending holiday season, the performance of one of our construction team members has been brought to my attention.

I would like to recognize Jim Mason from our Danos construction crew. He is consistently identified as a high performer offshore and has really become a strong part of our offshore culture.