George Dupre is a Pleasure to Work With


By: The Pipeline

​Power Generation/Electrical Services Technician George Dupre has been living Danos’ values. Recently, he submitted an excellent W.A.T.C.H card and also received a nice compliment from a coworker. George’s W.A.T.C.H. read:
“I was about to start the generator and noticed the guy helping me was no longer in the MCC with me. Instead of starting the unit, I decided to walk into the generator building and discovered the operator placing oil rags under the engine in an attempt to clean the skid.”

Leticia Garcia Delivers Savings


By: James Collins

Danos customer Shell recently praised Inventory Specialist Leticia Garcia for her Bias to Action. Material Management Execution Lead Dennis O’Neal thanked her for saving the customer over $250,000.

Letty noticed an unusual quantity request for an item and raised it to Dennis’s attention.

Team Completes Outstanding ISO Audit


By: John Bigler

​Kudos on a job well done to the Danos employees who recently completed the ISO 9001:2015 audit. The auditor only found one minor issue of non-conformity (a date issue), which is outstanding! The ISO audit is renewed every three years for Danos’ fabrication service line. It takes four days to complete and requires input from several different groups within Danos: fabrication, commercial, risk, maintenance and purchasing. Read More...

Norman Roggasch Exceeds Expectations


By: Matt Schexnayder

​Danos customer Shell recently sent the following compliment for Operations Assistant Norman Roggasch:
We are around the six-month mark since Norman has been assigned to report to me. He is absolutely exceeding any and all expectations that I had for him. He goes way above and beyond his normal duties and workload. Never has he indicated that he is overloaded although I know he is at times.

Bing Shows Bias to Action


By: Matt Schexnayder

​Shell leadership recently recognized Danos Deepwater Operator Bingham Waldron for his high performance.
Operations Supervisor Aaron Nash said, “Without being assigned the task, he was out on deck with drawings and was relabeling the test separator which was repainted a couple of weeks ago.

Great Call from Nick Martin


By: Rene Vidrine

Pipeline Locator Nicholas (Nick) Martin made a great call and submitted a WATCH card following his recent work at an Oxy location. See his watch card submission below:
Comments: Last Friday (5/14) I oversaw overseeing the safe dig-up and crossing of two Oxy assets. Prior to observing the crossing, I performed a final sweep of the work area (using radio detection to verify marks are accurate and to identify any unmarked buried assets).

Crew Makes Impression at BHP


By: Caleb Voisin

Great work to Danos Construction Superintendent Colt Willis, Construction Superintendent Joseph Ballard and Rigger Bryan Dickerson. The three were recognized by customer BHP for their strong contributions to the team.

BHP Execution Lead Bill Gulley said, “Colt Willis, Joseph Ballard and Bryan Dickerson are doing a great job, and I would like to hold on to them.

W.A.T.C.H. Card Spotlight: Loyd Glawson


By: John Able

​Thank you to Lease Operator Loyd Glawson for his recent W.A.T.C.H. card submission. Loyd witnessed a third party dumping five-gallon containers of chemicals on the ground. Read More...

Delta House Goes Inc Free


By: Greg Evans

Congratulations to the Danos team at Murphy Delta House for their performance on their annual BSEE inspection. In particular, Danos Deepwater Operators Tailor Broussard, Cody Matherne and Elton Smith were mentioned by the Murphy Compliance coordinator as playing a big part of the group’s success. Read More...

Rydel Frederick Generates Confidence


By: Bart Bergeron

While Power Generation/Electrical Service Tech Rydel Frederick was on location troubleshooting ignition issues on a gas generator package, he noticed that the pillar block bearing assembly was starting to fail. He immediately brought this to the attention of the person in charge, who notified the field foreman and production superintendent. The team took the unit out of service, ordered replacement parts and made repairs immediately to return the unit back to service. Read More...