Stepping Up for Safety


By: Troy Gisclair

Danos Expediter Chris Tyrney was recently recognized by Chevron HES Coordinator Jonathan Short for going above and beyond his normal job function to ensure safety on the job. Read what Jonathan had to say Read More...

Safe 2 Save


By: Jason Finstad

Did you know that 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving? As a company, we try to live out our value of safety daily, and technology is constantly evolving to help us. Read More...

Empowering Teamwork at BP PMF


By: Matt Kelso

On August 12, a Cargo Carrying Unit (CCU) transporting a radiator was sent from an offshore asset to BP PMF to be repackaged before sending it to the vendor for repair. After offloading and landing the CCU container holding the radiator, the forklift operator communicated to his fellow co-workers to be careful when opening the CCU. Read More...



By: Blake Westerman CSP, ASP, COSS

In May 2019, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) released a new service called BSEE!Safe. This mobile information solution provides offshore oil and gas workers with essential new information such as safety alerts and safety bulletins. Read More...

School is in Session


By: Blake Westerman CSP, ASP, COSS

As children make their way back to school, safety should be a priority for everyone, especially motorist. The beginning of the school year is when children are at an increased risk of transportation-related injuries from school bus, pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle crashes. It is important for motorists to strictly focus on driving and avoid distractions behind the wheel. Read More...

Leadership Prevents Incident


By: Travis Williams

Historically, crane operation remains one of the most dangerous activities performed offshore. Thanks to the leadership of Danos Crane Operator Jaylan George (pictured left), a potential crane incident was avoided. On Saturday, July 6, Jaylan was in the process of moving equipment on the back deck of the a platform with assistance from a six man construction crew. One of the construction members had a radio; however. Read More...

Hazard Found During Routine Walk-Around


By: Thomas Rougeau

Prior to loading a boat, Forklift Operator/Rigger Brandon Cheramie was performing the equipment check walk-around portion of his JSEA when he started smelling gas fumes. He used his stop work authority and got his foreman, Maurice Arceneaux, involved. Read More...

Speaking Up On Loading Out


By: Mark King

BP PMF Leadership recently recognized Operations Floor Lead Mark Doiron and Material Handlers Brian Naquin and Quinton Bruce for speaking up when they observed several non-conformances on a load sent to the PMF for temporary storage. Read More...

Twenty-Four Years Incident-Free


By: Thomas Rougeau

Fourchon Shorebase Maintenance Supervisor L.J. Falgoust has given 24 years of incident-free service to Danos. Starting at Danos Fourchon base on May 18, 1995, he was quickly promoted from rigger to forklift operator. While serving at Danos Fourchon base, he was also responsible for carpentry work. Read More...

Stop Work Authority Through Adversity


By: Mike Allen

On Thursday, April 25, Lease Operators Ronald Shaffer and Shannon Tate were asked by customer operators to disassemble a two-inch dump line that could not be properly isolated, because it only had check valves inline. Knowing this was against Danos safety policies and procedures, they began making phone calls through the proper chain of command. Read More...