INC-Free at Horn Mountain


By: Matthew Pere

​Great job to the Danos crew on Oxy’s Horn Mountain platform. On July 13 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) did a platform inspection. They checked 249 components and found zero were in violation. Read More...

Appomattox INC-Free Inspection


By: Isaac Henry

Congratulations to the Danos crew at Shell’s Appomattox platform for a recent INC-free inspection! The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) performed the inspection with 327 components. The Danos crew works side by side with Shell personnel to ensure efficient and safe operations. Read More...

Jerry Hendricks Issues SWA


By: Eric Hood

​Great job to Yard Superintendent Jerry Hendricks who recently used stop work authority (SWA) at Danos’ Larose fabrication shop. During a pre-job inspection, Jerry noticed a latch was broken. These latches ensure that the sling does not come off the hook.

Isaac Henry Leads in Safety


By: Mathew Bascle

Deepwater Operator Isaac Henry was tasked with putting a lock out/tag out (LOTO) on some valves in order to tie in a temporary hose on a bulk-oil treater. Isaac had the assistance of a rope access crew, so he could reach the valve.


Stanley Akwari Sets the Standard


By: John Able

Stanley Akwari was hired in December of 2019 as a rigger for a Danos construction site. Recognizing his background in safety, Construction Operations Manager Jim Comfort inquired about moving Stanley into the safety technician role for an XTO project in New Mexico. Stanley began working in the role as safety technician and almost immediately made the site his own. Over the past eight months, Stanley has developed a personal relationship with each employee on his job site and has made great strides with the safety environment. Read More...

Hos Port Crew Safely Completes Loadout


By: Kent Bourg

Congratulations to Danos’ shorebase crews at HOS Port in Port Fourchon for completing a major loadout safely and without incident. The loadout took place at the end of July, and thanks to the successful work of the crews, the vessel departed just after midnight on July 28. Read More...

Safety During Extended Work Days


By: Issac Dantin

A message to field leaders: A year or so ago I watched a few episodes of a series called Doomsday Preppers. I was intrigued to see the different ways people prepared for catastrophic events, from a meteor striking Earth to a zombie apocalypse. While most scenarios are far-fetched, the great majority of people don’t believe a world event would ever happen… or should I say “didn’t” believe a world event would ever happen, yet here we are. Read More...

Danos Crews Top Shell's PSF Challenge 


By: Matt Schexnayder

As the offshore environment is continually challenged to be safer each year, Danos’ customers are developing new programs that will increase employee and contractor interaction to maximize the human safety element. Throughout 2019, Shell emphasized their Process Safety Fundamental (PSF) program and asked Danos to help spread the message in the Gulf of Mexico.


Joey Armstrong Impresses Customer with a Good Catch


By: Troy Gisclair

Recently, Expeditor Joey Armstrong was on duty at Chevron Shorebase in Port Fourchon when he noticed something was not right on several diesel tanks that had come from a vendor to be shipped. He called Chevron Shorebase Coordinator Kristian Armstrong to the yard to show him the tanks. Joey pointed out that the tanks weren’t using the updated Global Harmonized System (GHS) labeling process. Read More...

Five Years IFO with BP


By: Matt Kelso

On July 18, the Danos team members who support BP operations marked five years and 2.2-million man hours of incident free operations (IFO). Danos has approximately 140 team members who carry the safety banner for Danos and BP across all of BP’s deepwater assets (Atlantis, Mad Dog, Na Kika and Thunder Horse), drilling assets (Q5000, West Vela, West Auriga, Black Lion, Black Hornet and Island Venture), land locations (PMF/XDOC Facility, Westlake Campus, STOP COVID-19 team Houma), and our Argos team who are presently supporting from Houston and South Korea. Read More...