Do Your Part to Mask COVID-19


By: Nick LeBlanc

The Danos safety management team is closely monitoring any and all information that is being sent out by the incident management team (IMT) regarding updates for COVID-19. The CDC has released information regarding the use of face coverings when in public settings where other social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain. The use of these face coverings should be utilized to protect yourself, your family members and others around you. Read More...

Jose Mendoza Lends a Helping Hand


By: Casey Greebon

​Danos Lease Operator Jose Mendoza was driving down Highway 128 in Andrews, Texas, when he noticed a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire. Knowing that the area gets little to no cell service, Jose pulled over to assist.

This is not the first time that Jose has stopped to lend a helping hand. He continuously shows acts of kindness and exhibits Danos' core values.

March Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: Tara Morvant

The March Town Hall meeting was conducted a little differently this month. With most staff employees working from home, Owner Paul Danos did not present to a large gathering but rather asked everyone to tune in via phone call or live stream. Read More...

Sparkless Grinder Training


By: Mike Miller

Recently, the Danos offshore construction crew assigned to the Shell FPSO Turritella conducted training to use a Texas Fuji Tools (TFT) sparkless grinder. The TFT instructor traveled from Houston, Texas, to host a classroom and field training.

The system will be used on an upcoming project to replace scrubbers for the main gas compressors that are welded down on the FPSO. The system was chosen to minimize the need for the weld removal without using hot work, which is the traditional method.

Upholding Our Work Safe Oath


By: Issac Dantin

One of the most valuable learnings that safety has made through the recent years is listening to our employees. We pulled together key field leaders who are loyal, honest and hold integrity to develop our Work Safe Oath. The team of field leaders was challenged with identifying the key elements of the plan that would keep us all safe as we work in and around at-risk areas. Management listened to their voices and put the plan into action. Read More...

LOOP Safety Stand Up


By: Matthew Pere

On Tuesday, March 10, LOOP held a “Safety Stand-Up” to recognize their current contractors that presently have incident free working taking place within LOOP.

Danos was the leader of all contractors with 18+ years of incident free work at LOOP in Galliano & LOCAP in St. James. The 18+ years amount to 616,000 man-hours accumulated by the current workforce.

Sonny Romero Invokes Stop Work Authority


By: Nick LeBlanc

On behalf of the Danos HSE group, we would like to thank Sonny Romero for his use of Stop Work Authority (SWA) out on Murphy Medusa. Typically, when we see a SWA card, it is from one Danos team member communicating to another Danos team member. It is great to see Sonny recognize an individual who works for another company, not just as a third party guy, but as a guy who is working as a team trying to achieve the same goal. He also stopped that individual as he was getting into his barricaded work area to explain why it was barricaded off and the hazards associated with that work space. We appreciate Sonny's efforts and for not being hesitant to speak up. Read More...

Scaffolding Crew Recognized


By: Andrew Rodrigue

​Customer Jack St. Malo (JSM) of Chevron recently recognized Danos' scaffold crew for identifying a potential dropped object.

The scaffold crew discovered a pipe stop that had come loose from the pipe support. It was identified as a potential drop object and removed. The pipe stop measured two inches by four inches, weighing one pound and had the potential to fall 30 feet to the deck below.

2020 Safety Slogan Competition Winner


By: Issac Dantin

​Congratulations again to Ryan Callais, human resources assistant for winning the 2020 Safety Slogan competition!

Banners and stickers are in and will begin circulating soon.

Walking/Working Surfaces and Housekeeping


By: Nick LeBlanc

​Our Danos W.A.T.C.H. Card data reflected the above categories as our most at-risk observations made during 2019. Due to the data collected on these two at-risk categories, we wanted to distribute a few reminders to bring additional awareness regarding walking/working surfaces and housekeeping. These two categories are common in that similar controls can be put in place regarding the mitigation of these hazards and the way these hazards are identified. Potential at-risk walking/working surfaces are not only associated with poor housekeeping but can also lead to potential slips, trips and falls. Read More...