Stop Work Authority In Action


By: The Pipeline

The definition of Stop Work Authority is the responsibility and duty of all personnel to stop work when an unsafe condition or act is observed that could affect the safety of personnel and/or the environment. Read More...

Never Forget Never Alone


By: Issac Dantin

​During the 4th quarter of 2018, we will be distributing weekly topics that will help guide us while we are working alone. Please utilize these topics in your safety meetings, post them in your work areas, and share them with our customers and co-workers. Read More...

Hand Audit at LOOP


By: Issac Dantin

Production Supervisor Matt Pere recently showed a bias to action in support of the Danos value of safety. Matt created an initiative for one of his teams to participate in and show their support for hand safety. Everyone across the company has been asked to focus on hand safety given the recent incidents that have occurred. Read More...

Coatings Reaches 365 Days Incident-Free


By: Clay Carter

On Wednesday, August 29, Coatings Services reached 365 days without a recordable. When asked about this milestone, Coatings Operations Manager Clay Carter said, "This is a great accomplishment. Many thanks to the personnel at the end of the blast hose working safely, the foreman ensuring their crews have everything on hand to perform the work safely, and the department effort to communicate openly and stay ahead of safety related issues as they arise." Read More...

Powerful Presentation on Safe Driving at Safety Focus


By: David Gravois

Those of us lucky enough to have been in the room when Sergeant Villarreal gave a moving presentation on safe driving at both Danos Permian Safety Focus events can all agree that the link to the video below is a must watch. Read More...

Additions to the Work Safe Oath


By: The Pipeline

Two additional elements have been added to the Danos Work Safe Oath: Proper prevention of potential dropped objects and use of appropriate PPE at all times. Both of these elements are important and necessary to help maintain a stronger safety culture. Read More...

Challenge Accepted


By: The Pipeline

Production Services General Manager Michael Guidry recently issued a challenge on the company-wide weekly safety call for everyone to share which type of gloves they wear every day for various tasks. Operations Manager Kerry Guidry and Automation Project Coordinator Liz Baudoin decided to grab gloves worn by members of the environmental services team and break down how each pair is used. Read More...

A Supervisor's Unwavering Commitment To His Personnel


By: The Pipeline

Carl Naquin, Danos field foreman at ST-151, made an interesting call on the radio. He had been talking back and forth with operators on another platform dealing with readings and pressures, etc. One comment he made really stood out. He said, "I can explain to the customer why we didn’t get much work done today, but...Read more Read More...

Getting Out? Get 'Em On!


By: Issac Dantin

Did you know we've had more hand injuries in the past 6 months than we had all of last year? Please set aside 3 minutes to watch a video featuring Owner Mark Danos and Safety Manager Issac Dantin explaining how you can prevent hand injuries. Read More...

Hydration Contest Winner 2018


By: Issac Dantin

Throughout June, field and staff employees sent in pictures of themselves and teammates hydrating to beat the heat for a chance to win the beach set-up pictured above. There were many pictures submitted, but there can only be one winner. Read More...