Fabrication 9-years Incident-Free


By: Samantha Magee

​April 29, 2018, marked a significant safety milestone for Danos’ Fabrication Services; the group completed nine years with no recordable incidents, as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This incident-free performance by the Fabrication Services team translates to nearly 1.3 million man hours. Read More...

Double Dose of Stop Work Authority


By: The Pipeline

Roustabout Foreman David Garcia recently used stop work authority when he felt uneasy with the direction he was given before starting work. He was told to lock out/tag out (LOTO) the flow lines, headers and production line with the wells being turned off via computer. Read More...

Hurricane Season Is Here


By: Issac Dantin

Hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters we face every year. The season begins on June 1, and already we have seen some activity in the Gulf. Here are several resources to help plan for this hurricane season. Read More...

Hydrate for a Chance to Win


By: Issac Dantin

The hot summer days are here and will only continue to get hotter. We want to make sure everyone is pre-hydrating while working in the heat, so we've created a company-wide hydration contest. Read More...

Stop Work of the Week


By: The Pipeline

While loading a boat, Danos Crane Operator Foreman Jamie Vizier Jr. noticed the crane boom had slack in the line. He used his Stop Work Authority to shut down the operation. He reported it to the customer, who then called a mechanic. The mechanic found worn heal pins that needed to be replaced. Jamie was rewarded with a Stop Work Authority shirt for stopping the job and getting the right people involved. Read More...

Power Tool Safety


By: Jim LeBlanc, CSHO

The safety team at the Amelia Integrated Services Complex invited DeWalt Representative Jorge Rodriguez to a safety meeting to provide information regarding power tool safety. This partnership proved valuable as even the most seasoned metal-working professionals learned new things during the presentation. For example, did you know the traditional 180 degree guard, known as a type 27 guard, is not the proper guard required by DeWalt for cutting wheels? Cutting wheels require a type 1 guard. Read More...

Beat The Heat!


By: Stephen Gros

Physical work, combined with high temperatures, sometimes with high humidity, can result in heat illness. Heat-related illnesses are one of the greatest dangers associated with extreme heat. It is much easier and safer to prevent heat-related illnesses than to treat them. Read More...

Praise for JSEAs


By: The Pipeline

Danos employees are trained to think through every detail when creating a JSEA. Recently, a couple of safety representatives went out of their way to pass on their appreciation for two above-average Danos JSEAs. Read More...

Ink Free with BSEE


By: Matt Schexnayder

Olympus completed an annual BSEE Inspection on March 9, 2018. During the inspection, 147 components were inspected with zero INCS issued. The inspectors were complimentary of several aspects of the way Olympus runs their daily operations and were particularly impressed of the following areas below. Read More...

JSEA March Madness


By: Clay Carter

Who says evaluating JSEAs can’t be fun? The coatings group shook things up when they created a March Madness-style tournament from their crew’s JSEAs. Each crew started with a score of 100 and received point deductions if there was an issue within their JSEA. The grading mechanism followed the internal JSEA audit process. Project managers performed the JSEA audits in the first few rounds. In the later rounds, the JSEAs were evaluated by safety specialist and operations managers. Read More...