2019 safety focusDenver City: June 25 Monahans: June 27houma: july 22 & 29

Speaking Up On Loading Out


By: Mark King

BP PMF Leadership recently recognized Operations Floor Lead Mark Doiron and Material Handlers Brian Naquin and Quinton Bruce for speaking up when they observed several non-conformances on a load sent to the PMF for temporary storage. Read More...

Twenty-Four Years Incident-Free


By: Thomas Rougeau

Fourchon Shorebase Maintenance Supervisor L.J. Falgoust has given 24 years of incident-free service to Danos. Starting at Danos Fourchon base on May 18, 1995, he was quickly promoted from rigger to forklift operator. While serving at Danos Fourchon base, he was also responsible for carpentry work. Read More...

Stop Work Authority Through Adversity


By: Mike Allen

On Thursday, April 25, Lease Operators Ronald Shaffer and Shannon Tate were asked by customer operators to disassemble a two-inch dump line that could not be properly isolated, because it only had check valves inline. Knowing this was against Danos safety policies and procedures, they began making phone calls through the proper chain of command. Read More...

Hydrate for a Chance to Win!


By: David Gravois

The temperature is heating up and so is our company-wide hydration contest. On June 21, we will select a winner of this sweet beach set-up. Until then, we encourage field and staff employees to keep sending pictures of you and your team hydrating to whatsup@danos.com. Read More...

INC Free Is the Way to Be


By: The Pipeline

Danos teams aboard three production facilities within the Gulf of Mexico were recognized by customers for ensuring their facilities had zero issues of non-compliance (INC) throughout recent BSEE inspections of a combined total of 800+ components. Read More...

Safe with Simmons


By: The Pipeline

The Safety Team would like to recognize Coatings Foreman Roy Simmons for his continuous engagement in our safety alert distributions. Roy always provides acknowledgement and supplemental feedback for safety alerts and consistently shares these alerts across his work locations. This is a great example of our safety culture in action! Thank you Roy! Read More...

Take a Walk Around


By: Blake Westerman CSP, ASP, COSS

In an effort to further strengthen and enhance our safety culture, Danos is kicking off a new safety program called 360° Focus. Beginning on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, all Danos employees driving a company vehicle or receiving a vehicle allowance will be required to perform a full walk-around inspection of the vehicle prior to entering and moving forward or in reverse. Read More...

Fabrication Celebrates 10 Years With Zero Recordables


By: David Gravois

On April 30, 2019, Danos' fabrication services celebrated 10 years with no recordable incidents. Congratulations to everyone involved for this fantastic accomplishment, and thank you for your commitment to safety!  Read More...

Hydrate for a Chance to Win


By: The Pipeline

The hot summer days are here and will only continue to get hotter. We want to make sure everyone is pre-hydrating while working in the heat, so we've created a company-wide hydration contest. Throughout the next month, we want staff and field to send pictures of you and your team hydrating to whatsup@danos.com. On June 21, we will select the winner of the beach set-up pictured above, so the winner can enjoy it for 4th of July. Read More...

INC Free with BSEE


By: Ryan Trahan

​Recently, BSEE performed an annual inspection on South Marsh Island 128 C. According to the customer, Danos Production Operators Blake Rhodus and Hampton Campbell played a huge part in making sure the 137 components inspected were in compliance. This resulted in an inc. free inspection. Read More...