The Golden Rules


By: Toby Talbot

For over 71 years, Danos has taken safety a step above and beyond to ensure everyone working with Danos returns home safely to their families. The company has created avenues for persistent communication by providing Read More...

Safety Win for Wynton


By: Andrew Rodrigue

Rigger Wynton Young was serving as a firewatch for welding operations while welding metal sleeves to existing pilings. While making a seal weld on one of the sleeves, the heat and pressure from the welding punctured a hole into the existing piling. Read More...

Above-Par Customer Service In Sub-Freezing Weather


By: James Collins

One of our customers recently let us know how much he appreciates the lease operators that Danos provides. Specifically Joel Dales, Jorge Ureste, Jeffery Cagle, Johnny Martinez, & Gilbert Hinostroza. The recent sub-freezing weather caused every kind of production problem imaginable. Each one of these guys stepped up and put in the extra effort and hours that contributed to saving Oxy several hundreds of barrels of production. Read More...

Customer Recognition for Safety Observations


By: Brady Hebert

​Safety observations submitted during September and December by Danos Deepwater Mechanic Jason Norris and Deepwater Production Operator Cody Hebert were recently recognized by Anadarko in front of their entire crew at their respective worksites during one of Anadarko’s weekly LiveSAFE meetings. Read More...

Top-Five Driver, Three Times


By: Brandon Patterson

​Centurion Pipeline in Midland, Texas, has recognized Danos Measurement Technician Jesse Greenfield at least 3 times as a top-5 driver for all of Centurion. His safe driving has also been praised during Centurion's South Region safety meetings. Jesse’s supervisor with Centurion, Ben Watkins, said, “This is exactly what we are looking for and the type of behavior we like to recognize.” Read More...

Materials Team Achieves 1 Million Man-hours Incident-free


By: Scott Theriot

On Nov. 1, 2017, Danos’ materials management service line achieved an important safety milestone with Shell: 1 million man-hours without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable incident. This great accomplishment is a testament to the safety culture cultivated daily by this group and illustrates their passion for winning. Read More...

Shell Appalachia Safety Milestone


By: The Pipeline

Shell recently celebrated 6 years of no lost-time accidents in Appalachia. Congratulations to the 29 current Danos employees working with Shell and any employees past or present  who have supported the Shell operation in Appalachia. We are extremely proud of this tremendous accomplishment. Read More...

2018 Safety Slogan Competition


By: Issac Dantin

We are officially beginning our annual safety slogan contest for 2018. The slogan above was our winning entry for 2017. The winning slogan will be adopted as the Danos’ safety slogan for the year 2018. Read More...

Dynamic Duo


By: Issac Dantin

Mark Doiron, operations lead and site-lifting coordinator, created a fantastic PowerPoint on some of the safety issues they were faced with at the BP PMF. Mark had an urgent matter to attend to so Warehouse Lead Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue stepped in to deliver the well prepared message to the team during the Quarterly Lifting Safety meeting at the PMF. That message was forwarded to the safety department at corporate headquarters and shared among the other work groups. Together, Mark and Penguin are a very successful one-two punch and we are glad they are in our corner!!! Read More...

Hunter Safety


By: Kent Bourg

We are finally easing into the greatest time of year—hunting season! For many of us, there is no greater feeling than being bundled up in warm camouflage clothes while sitting in the deer stand or duck blind, patiently waiting for that trophy buck or flock of mallards to come swooping in. Hunting can be a very safe and pleasurable hobby, but it can also be very dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Read More...