Scaling the Great Room


By: Clay Daugherty

Danos' rope access and scaffold crews recently assisted facility maintenance with multiple projects at our headquarters’ office.

Our team showcased their skills high above the grand staircase and performed a window washing campaign in the Great Room. Scaffolding was used to

Danos Construction Crew Stays Focused


By: Josh Gravois

​Danos customer ENI recently praised Danos for the work performed for a construction project on ENI's Allegheny. Neil Manior, ENI production supervisor recognized the crew for being professional, focused and providing great work! Read More...

Utilizing Technology to Create a Customized Training Experience


By: Samantha Magee

​Danos, along with partner iCAN, were recently featured in Oilman Magazine regarding technology in oilfield education in the latest issue of Oilman Magazine. Read More...

Danos’ Safety Management Tools Benefit All!


By: Nick LeBlanc

During pre-job hazard identification meetings for the I&E project at Shell Pipeline’s MCC facility in Houma, La., the customer asked to see a weekly behavior-based safety management (BBSM) report from all personnel on the job site. After discussing with I&E Operations Manager Shawn Portier, the team agreed to have Danos’ sub-contractor utilize our WATCH card platform to make it easier to generate weekly reports to our client. Read More...

Energy Services Bonus Referral Program


By: Bart Bergeron

Danos is looking to generate new customers and job leads for the power generation, mechanical and valve callout services teams. We need your eyes and ears in the field to expand our base by exposing customers to new service offerings for Danos. Employees will receive a $100 VISA gift card for leads that turn into jobs for these service lines during November and December 2020. Read More...

Breaking it Down: Offshore Decommissioning


By: The Pipeline

​When it’s time to begin the process of decommissioning an offshore oil and gas platform, there are many factors to keep in mind. For example, the age and location of the structure, as well as its history and any unique features may need to be considered. And then there are always unknown potential hazards that may arise while work is underway. That is why effective preliminary planning, engineering and permitting are critical to ensuring a project is completed safely and on schedule. Though the work scopes and regulations governing decommissioning are widely known throughout the industry, each platform comes with its own specific challenges.

Powering Up After Hurricane Laura


By: Bart Bergeron

One week prior to Hurricane Laura making landfall, all 10 of Danos’ senior power generation technicians were ready to go out to customer locations. Once Hurricane Laura’s path was set to head into the Gulf of Mexico, Enven’s maintenance foreman keyed up three of our techs to go offshore post storm to get three of their key platforms back up and running. Danos’ techs were tasked with drying out and megger testing the generators to ensure they were safe to bring back online. Read More...

Construction and Fab Complete LACT Header Mods


By: Dale Bourgeois

Great job to Danos’ construction and fabrication teams for recently completing a complicated project: Shell Pipeline Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Header Mods at Ship Shoal-332B. Read More...

Big Install at Big Foot


By: Nicole Williams

Earlier this summer, we shared a photo of Danos’ fabrication crew working on new deck extensions for Chevron’s Big Foot platform. The project is now complete, and the decks have been installed. Great work to the fabrication team! Read More...

Construction Completes Coastal Restoration Project


By: Samantha Magee

Danos recently completed an innovative project to help restore the Louisiana wetlands in Golden Meadow, Louisiana. For the project, Danos was contracted by North Carolina-based Natrx, winner of Shell’s Game Changer program. Read More...