Scaffolding Works 1 Million Man-Hours IFO


By: Samantha Magee

On June 1, 2021, Danos’ scaffolding team marked 1 million man-hours of incident-free operations (IFO), as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“In our work, I’m a firm believer that if you do it safe, and do it right, time will take care of itself. That’s what we try to focus on,” said Operations Manager Clay Daugherty.

Winning Solar Opportunities


By: Eric Danos

​One of Danos’ strategic initiatives is to evaluate the energy transition market to determine if we are actively pursuing renewables work. In this initiative, we are deciding which renewables segments to position for and determining our entry strategy. Danos’ Permian team made up of Juan Torres and John Andrade, Jr. (operations), Paul Quintero (sales), and Stacey Brooks and Brandon Sandridge (recruiting) have done great work to successfully win solar opportunities. These projects are growing our understanding of this market.

Fabrication Marks 12 Years IFO


By: Samantha Magee

​Last Friday, May 14, Danos’ fabrication services team gathered to celebrate their record of working 12 years with incident-free operations! In 2020, the 32-person team worked 98,000 hours, bringing their record total hours worked to 1.665 million man-hours without a recordable incident, as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

"Small Ball" Catches On


By: James Callahan

A few weeks ago, we discussed how we were winning at Small Ball in project services. I mention three examples below. But possibly the biggest win is that everyone seems to be connecting with the term “Small Ball,” and everyone seems to be using it routinely in how we communicate.

One of the most difficult things about strategy is getting the entire organization to focus on ways that everyone can help. The term Small Ball has helped us transcend this.

Rethinking the way we WIN


By: David Cedro

​How do good companies become do great companies stay great? Why do "best practices" change over time if they are "the best" practices? "Best practices" suggest that the ideal practices are already in place, creating a disincentive to keep rethinking our work and continuing to improve. But continuously rethinking what we do and why we do it maintains accountability over a long timeframe because it transcends individuals, and it places accountability on "the process." Read More...

Danos Works With Tulane Energy Institute Graduates


By: Eric Danos

​Pictured below are the graduate students from the Tulane Energy Institute working with Danos on our transformational growth strategy. Over the next few months they will research and recommend alternatives for how we can actively pursue renewable work. Read More...

Join us for the First Town Hall of 2021!


By: The Pipeline

Join us for the first Town Hall of 2021 with Owner Paul Danos next Wednesday, March 10, at noon. The event will take place in the Great Room at headquarters and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, with the option to join via live stream or phone call.


Jerry Hendricks, Jr. Featured in Bloomberg Magazine


By: Tara Morvant

Jerry Hendricks, Jr., Danos fabrication yard superintendent, was recently featured in Bloomberg Magazine, where he discussed the impacts that the administration's decisions have on his family and his livelihood. Read More...

Tool and Hard Hat Lanyards


By: Scott Soto

Danos Blaster Painter Foreman Ronald Bailey was inspecting the base of handrails that were recently blasted to be coated after inspection.

During the inspection process, he placed his head through the handrails and moved a blast hose out of his way to get a better look. In doing so, his hard hat lanyard was caught up on the blast line causing the lanyard to break loose from his belt loop and fall approximately 60 feet down to the drill deck below.

One-Call. That's All.


By: James Collins

​Danos Pipeline Locator Jesus Flores recently received a shoutout during the weekly safety call for holding a contract company accountable for not following proper one-call protocol.

Jesus reported to work on a Monday morning and quickly noticed the contract company dug around the OXY line. Being that he receives all the one-calls,