Sparkless Grinder Training


By: Mike Miller

Recently, the Danos offshore construction crew assigned to the Shell FPSO Turritella conducted training to use a Texas Fuji Tools (TFT) sparkless grinder. The TFT instructor traveled from Houston, Texas, to host a classroom and field training.

The system will be used on an upcoming project to replace scrubbers for the main gas compressors that are welded down on the FPSO. The system was chosen to minimize the need for the weld removal without using hot work, which is the traditional method.

LOOP Safety Stand Up


By: Matthew Pere

On Tuesday, March 10, LOOP held a “Safety Stand-Up” to recognize their current contractors that presently have incident free working taking place within LOOP.

Danos was the leader of all contractors with 18+ years of incident free work at LOOP in Galliano & LOCAP in St. James. The 18+ years amount to 616,000 man-hours accumulated by the current workforce.

Rope Access Transition Demonstration


By: The Pipeline

On Tuesday, January 7, Danos presented a rope access transition demonstration for Shell representatives to view our new rope access service offering.

"Please let everyone there know how much we appreciated the efforts that went towards hosting us yesterday. The result of the demonstration was nothing short of exceptional. This was anticipated, of course, based on the caliber of your organization and what we’ve been accustomed to." - Shell Auditor

Shell Measurement Proficient Class


By: Keli Dantin

Congratulations to SCADA and Automation Project Manager Brandon Barrilleaux who recently received Shell Pipeline Company's (SPLC) Proficiency Demonstration Certificate, as part of SPLC's Measurement Tech Task Proficiency Assessment. SPLC requires any technician performing tasks to be certified proficient, so this certification allows Brandon to work on the controls and measurement systems on platforms that inject into SPLC owned pipelines. Read More...

Rope Access Crew Removes Riser Piping


By: Clay Carter

​A Rope Access Crew at Garden Banks 72 recently removed riser piping with the help of the Danos construction crew on tower. The Danos team worked closely together to cut the pipe into manageable sections to demo the piping from the platform.


Assisting with Rope Access


By: Josh Gravois

​A Danos rope access crew recently wrapped up a project in coordination with our construction group for customer Third Coast Midstream. The rope access team assisted construction in isolating the flare system on MP-260 so that they could install a new pump and spool piping to help production on the asset. Read More...

Danos Automation Provides Automatic Reporting Solution


By: David LeBeouf

Did you know that Danos offers an innovative solution for automating facility reports? This universal application can extract control system data from your facility’s industrial network and repackage the data into a variety of reports. These reports are automatically generated and delivered, so the reports are always waiting for you in your inbox. Read More...

Permian Expansion Update


By: Kevin Biringer

​The Permian Expansion 2019 initiative is ensuring we are equipped with facilities, service lines and people to capitalize on the growth in the Permian Basin. The three main projects we are focusing on are Delaware expansion, production services growth and recruiting and retention. Read More...

Scaffolding Software Increases Efficiency


By: Samantha Magee

In alignment with Danos’ 2019 Technology Solutions strategic initiative, our scaffolding team has begun to implement a new software to assist with scaffolding design. This software allows our team to input properties and dimensions, and in a matter of minutes it produces a scaffold design, along with a 2-D and 3-D model. The new software incorporates data and inventory to minimize time required, increase efficiency and store digital documentation.


Teaming Up in Alaska


By: Kim Dang

​The Danos coatings team recently wrapped up a project in Kenai, Alaska, with our vendor/partner Innovative Surface Prep (ISP). ISP has a robotic surface preparation tool that is helping to change the tank coatings and lining industry and as such, receives many request for their services. ISP does not provide labor to support the cut in portions of work that the robotics cannot reach. Read More...