Cajun Coral Arrives in Louisiana


By: Caleb Voisin

On July 2, the Cajun Coral for Shell Pipeline's first nature-based coastal restoration project arrived in Amelia, Louisiana. For the project, Danos is again partnering with Natrx to manage fabrication and installation. The Coral will be placed in Hell Hole Bayou along the coast of Terrebonne Parish. Read More...

Join the Webinar: How to Update Your Personal Profile in Danos' New HR System


By: The Pipeline

To prepare for Danos’ new human resource system going live on Thursday, July 22, please join us for a webinar on Oracle HCM, Danos’ new human resource system. During the webinar you will learn how to make changes to your employee profile, including personal address, marital status and direct deposit information, as well as apply for job opportunities, view employment history and more! Read More...

Lunch and Learn: i2ms


By: The Pipeline

Join us for a Lunch & Learn on Danos’ newest service offering – intelligent integrated materials solutions (i2ms), on Wednesday, July 7, at 11:30 a.m. If you’re at headquarters, grab your lunch, and join us in the Bayou and Oaks conference rooms. If not, join virtually through Microsoft Teams.


Determined to Dominate


By: Daryl Rousse

​One of our 2021 strategic initiatives in production services is to grow market share by hiring experienced individuals who are Passionate About Winning, share our Danos Values and position us for growth with new and existing customers.
In 2021 production services has been pleased to hire three employees who meet these criteria:

Oodles of Inspiration


By: David Cedro

June brings extra-special inspiration in the Danos organization as this month we recognized and celebrated the Field Employee of the Year Mary Perez, Staff Employee of the Year Frances Kosak and the 50th work anniversary of Chairman Hank Danos. These recognitions inspire reflection on the abundance of truly amazing accomplishments of all of our people. We can recall many of the historic events in the oilfield and in our communities, in disaster response or in recoveries from extreme weather events -- Danos employees have been there leading safely with Purpose in the recovery efforts. Read More...

Attending DUG Haynesville


By: Mark King

In line with our strategic priority of Taking Market Share, Justin Gonce and I attended the DUG (developing unconventional gas) Haynesville show on May 26 and 27 in Shreveport, Louisiana. We attended the Wednesday night social for networking opportunities as well as the conference on Thursday. Read More...

Town Hall Recap: June 2021


By: Samantha Magee

On Tuesday, June 8, Owner Paul Danos conducted the second Town Hall meeting of 2021 from Danos’ warehouse in Kenedy, Texas. Paul reminded the team why we do these quarterly meetings - to maintain communication because setting the standard for operational excellence is hard work. We need to keep our purpose, vision and values at the forefront of our minds.

Winning Solar Opportunities


By: Eric Danos

​One of Danos’ strategic initiatives is to evaluate the energy transition market to determine if we are actively pursuing renewables work. In this initiative, we are deciding which renewables segments to position for and determining our entry strategy. Danos’ Permian team made up of Juan Torres and John Andrade, Jr. (operations), Paul Quintero (sales), and Stacey Brooks and Brandon Sandridge (recruiting) have done great work to successfully win solar opportunities. These projects are growing our understanding of this market.

Key Connections


By: Stacey Gisclair

​At this time last year, all lives were changed during the “challenging and unprecedented times.” These words were repeated daily in news reports throughout 2020 with what seemed to be no end in sight. What a difference a year makes! As the country begins to slowly emerge from the countless restrictions of the pandemic, we are especially looking forward to reconnecting with so many of you that we have not been able to see face to face. A welcome challenge or problem now becomes, do we greet one another with a big smile, a brief fist bump or a full grip handshake? You know the saying, “This is a good problem to have.” Read More...

Growing Market Share


By: Justin Gonce

It is no secret that the oil and gas industry has been in a downturn, and we have all had our struggles. While clients are continuously looking for cost savings, service companies are searching for a way to survive and maintain their current book of business. In a down market, it is difficult to grow business. However, our strategic initiative to take market share is proving to be a winning strategy, as we look externally for highly-qualified personnel with strong relationships at key contracts. Read More...