Stanley Akwari Sets the Standard


By: John Able

Stanley Akwari was hired in December of 2019 as a rigger for a Danos construction site. Recognizing his background in safety, Construction Operations Manager Jim Comfort inquired about moving Stanley into the safety technician role for an XTO project in New Mexico. Stanley began working in the role as safety technician and almost immediately made the site his own. Over the past eight months, Stanley has developed a personal relationship with each employee on his job site and has made great strides with the safety environment. Read More...

Team Participates in Virtual Energy Camp for Teens


By: Samantha Magee

​Last month, several Danos team members participated the first ever virtual Shell Energy Venture Camp. Hosted through Fletcher Technical Community College, approximately 150 students in grades 7-12 participated in the three-day experience. Campers learned about careers in energy, different energy sources and how energy is used in homes and businesses.

Field Leaders Gather in Forum


By: Samantha Magee

​On Thursday, July 30, Danos hosted a virtual Field Leadership Summit. Over 120 employees attended the live event. Lead by General Manager of Production Mike Guidry and his team, the workshop featured presenters from different areas of the company. Read More...

Construction Solves Big Challenges for McDermott


By: Michael Collins

​Danos' construction team recently completed a project with McDermott International Ltd. in the Gulf of Mexico. The team received positive feedback from the customer.

Developing Great People Series: Jim Comfort


By: The Pipeline

Jim Comfort grew up in Drumright, Oklahoma, a small town that had sprung up nearly overnight when oil was discovered there in 1912. These days it’s a quiet place with less than 3,000 people, located about 42 miles southwest of Tulsa. Jim currently resides in Claremore, Oklahoma, along with his wife Shelly, and together, they’ve raised three children. Read More...

Innovative Portal Improves Safety


By: Tyler Evans

The Danos Safety Portal is a web-based, mobile-friendly application designed to increase the accessibility, visibility and analytical capabilities of Danos’ safety data. The system allows for quick and easy entry of data for key, safety-driven processes and procedures. Management can quickly search, review and provide feedback on the forms and data entered into the application. The system can also provide accurate analytics, which allows the safety department to track trends and identify problem areas. Read More...

Update: 2020 Strategic Initiatives


By: Eric Danos

We’re half-way through 2020. This is a great time to glance back at what we have accomplished through our Strategic Initiatives and look ahead at what’s next. One of the main themes for 2020 has been for us to be focused. We recognized the need to bring key initiatives through to completion without being distracted by adding too many new things. But we never envisioned how this year would create so many unexpected obstacles and distractions. Read More...

Michelle Valenzuela Saves Customer Money


By: Jay Bourgeois

Buyer Michelle Valenzuela is a recent addition to our Danos team but brings a lot of experience as a buyer in the Permian Basin area. Since day one of coming on board, she has worked diligently to add more vendors to our system and to get us more competitive pricing from vendors with whom we were already doing business. Read More...

Best Practices to Prevent Fatalities


By: Issac Dantin

In light of risks and contributing factors, protecting each other from fatal and serious incidents is a huge challenge. Our commitment to safety is to always strive to get ahead of incidents. We want to learn how to predict where the weak points are, but it’s not an easy task. Here are some ways we can tackle this task and proactively prevent fatalities. Read More...

The Secret Sauce


By: Nicole Williams

When Paul Danos interviewed me 11 years ago, he told me the company had three main goals: Honor God, make money and have fun. In the business world, those are words one rarely comes across, but my personal values, work ethic and Danos’ were a perfect match. At that moment, I knew I was on board. Read More...