We Have a Winner....


By: Issac Dantin

Thank you to all who took the initiative to step up and stay healthy. We have seen photos with extra hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, face masks and more! By taking extra precautions around your work area and at home, you are doing your part to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

More than 20 photos were submitted for the contest. Congratulations to....

Do Your Part to Mask COVID-19


By: Nick LeBlanc

The Danos safety management team is closely monitoring any and all information that is being sent out by the incident management team (IMT) regarding updates for COVID-19. The CDC has released information regarding the use of face coverings when in public settings where other social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain. The use of these face coverings should be utilized to protect yourself, your family members and others around you. Read More...

Field employees, this one is for you!


By: Eric Danos

Click the video to view a special message to Danos field employees from Owner Eric Danos. Read More...

Recognizing COVID-19 Incident Management Team


By: Frances Kosak

We are currently in a very dynamic state, and the Danos incident management team (IMT) has been diligently managing the wax and waning of the silent enemy, COVID-19. As the virus changes quickly, they are able to change rapidly with it.

Issac Dantin is the incident commander and has done a wonderful job leading, in meeting the challenges of clients, government and employee needs, all the while keeping morale of his team lifted.

A Message from Owner Mark Danos


By: Mark Danos

​Have you seen these headlines?
Unprecedented, Coronavirus chaos, pandemic, crude oil plunges, sinking demand, crisis pricing, 18-year low, collapse of global oil production, U.S. drillers face doomsday scenario …

Have you seen our industry begin to respond?

Canceled projects, shut-in facilities, rate relief requests, workforce reductions …

Making A Difference


By: Tara Morvant

Many of you with children who are following the stay-at-home advisory have likely heard the phrase, "I'm bored," at least a thousand times by now. Ryan Callais, human resources assistant, definitely has.

However, last weekend, his 10-year old daughter, Jolie, came up with an idea to not only occupy her time but to also help out during this global crisis. She found an internet video on how to make hand sanitizer and was eager to give it a try.

Show Us How You Work Remotely


By: Michael Guidry

While Danos remains open for business, most staff employees are currently working remotely to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Send your best remote setups to Be bold and creative. Include your pets, children, spouses.. you name it!

COVID-19 Update: Impact of the Shelter-in-Place Order


By: The Pipeline

​Danos corporate headquarters and satellite office locations are fully operational, maintaining business continuity by working onsite or remotely as needed. We remain open for business and are here to support you and our customers’ operations.

Monday, Louisiana’s governor issued a shelter-in-place order. You may be wondering what impact that may have on your interaction with the Danos offices. The good news is, Danos is considered an essential business and is exempt from the governor’s order because of the work done supporting the energy sector. We are working closely with customers to fully understand any changes or impacts to current work assignment status, realizing the need to adjust based on the ongoing fluidity of the situation.

March Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: Tara Morvant

The March Town Hall meeting was conducted a little differently this month. With most staff employees working from home, Owner Paul Danos did not present to a large gathering but rather asked everyone to tune in via phone call or live stream. Read More...

Helpful Human Resources Documents


By: The Pipeline

Login to the Danos intranet and click on the orange HR Resources button on the home page.

There you’ll find lots of information and forms about insurance, 401k, FSA, disability claims and more.