Toolbox Topic: Risk Normalization


By: Nick LeBlanc

Every day, we must take caution to make sure we do not normalize risks, both at work and at home.
What is risk normalization? It is a state of mind or situation in which: We accept risky/dangerous practices or conditions over time.

Eye Safety Awareness


By: Mathew Bascle

The month of March is "Eye Safety Awareness Month," and we would be remiss to let the month go by without shedding light on this common, yet avoidable, injury. According to OSHA, every day approximately 2,000 eye injuries at work occur in the US. Of these injuries, it is estimated that roughly 90% are preventable through the proper use of safety eye wear. Read More...

Stop the Burn - Contest and Campaign Update


By: John Able

The Stop the Burn campaign continues with much success. Since March 4 we have received 17 entries into the contest, demonstrating 17 different incidents where our Danos employees are either working on or maintaining a heater treater/separator with a combustion chamber. We have even had one unit which had a mechanical malfunction, resulting in a spill and aerosol emission of flammable fluids directly over a combustion chamber!

Stop the Burn - Lessons Learned


By: John Able

Danos Shale Safety Manager & Production Technician Josh Urias share a hard lesson learned about flash fires. Watch the video. Read More...

Strains & Sprains


By: Stephen Gros

Strains and sprains are among the leading causes of workplace injuries according to the Bureau of Labor. Not only are these the most frequent injuries, but they are the most severe. Most strain and sprain accidents are extremely painful and may linger for an extended period of time. Read More...

Stop the Burn and WIN


By: John Able

The Danos Safety group strives to make sure all employees return home safe each and every day. We do not dwell on past incidents; however, we can learn lessons from our history and what has caused injuries in the past.

Flash fires are a reoccurring incident on the land-based services.

Join us for the First Town Hall of 2021!


By: The Pipeline

Join us for the first Town Hall of 2021 with Owner Paul Danos next Wednesday, March 10, at noon. The event will take place in the Great Room at headquarters and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, with the option to join via live stream or phone call.


Jerry Hendricks, Jr. Featured in Bloomberg Magazine


By: Tara Morvant

Jerry Hendricks, Jr., Danos fabrication yard superintendent, was recently featured in Bloomberg Magazine, where he discussed the impacts that the administration's decisions have on his family and his livelihood. Read More...

Texas Overcomes Adversity During the Winter Storm


By: Gregory Short

Last week, Texas received record-breaking lows as well as unexpected amounts of snow, which is normally welcomed with opened arms; however, Texas wasn’t quite prepared for the aftermath of the winter storm. It left many of our Danos family without water and power for days, grocery stores were wiped out of common house-hold products and restaurants were closed, leaving many of us in a panic. Read More...

Danos Promotes Justin Gonce to General Manager of Onshore


By: The Pipeline

Danos is pleased to announce the promotion of Justin Gonce to general manager of onshore. In this role, Justin will lead the company’s production services teams in the Eagle Ford, Marcellus and the Permian basins, as well as the project services team in the Permian. Greg Short, Brian Gray, Juan Torres and Melanie Hill will report to Justin, while Justin will report directly to Daryl Rousse, vice president of production operations. Read More...