Hand Tool Safety Challenge


By: Nick LeBlanc

The Danos HSE team challenges you to perform a hazard hunt on all hand tools. Whether at home, a Danos shop, client location or a personal tool bag, please remove any tool that can no longer safely function the way it is intended. If the hand tool’s integrity has been affected, or if the hand tool has been damaged in any way, remove the tool from service. Read More...

Becky and Wendy Go Above and Beyond


By: Rene Vidrine

Danos employees Becky Avery and Wendy Madrigal were recently acknowledged by a representative from customer BPX Energy for their work in BPX's Denver office. The customer stated:

Just wanted to give praise where it’s due and let you know that in the past couple weeks both Becky and Wendy have done several things for me personally that really made a difference…

Check out the Photo of the Week!


By: Clay Carter

Danos coatings and operations employees are getting creative as they continue to practice social distancing through remote work and teleconferencing. Read More...

Show Us How You Work Remotely


By: Michael Guidry

While Danos remains open for business, most staff employees are currently working remotely to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Send your best remote setups to whatsup@danos.com. Be bold and creative. Include your pets, children, spouses.. you name it!

Jose Mendoza Lends a Helping Hand


By: Casey Greebon

​Danos Lease Operator Jose Mendoza was driving down Highway 128 in Andrews, Texas, when he noticed a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire. Knowing that the area gets little to no cell service, Jose pulled over to assist.

This is not the first time that Jose has stopped to lend a helping hand. He continuously shows acts of kindness and exhibits Danos' core values.

Sparkless Grinder Training


By: Mike Miller

Recently, the Danos offshore construction crew assigned to the Shell FPSO Turritella conducted training to use a Texas Fuji Tools (TFT) sparkless grinder. The TFT instructor traveled from Houston, Texas, to host a classroom and field training.

The system will be used on an upcoming project to replace scrubbers for the main gas compressors that are welded down on the FPSO. The system was chosen to minimize the need for the weld removal without using hot work, which is the traditional method.

Employee Questionnaire


By: Tara Morvant


Employee Questionnaire


By: Tara Morvant


Technology Focus: Total Station


By: Samantha Magee

​Danos’ construction group in West Texas is utilizing technology to improve processes by using a surveying instrument called Total Station to scan projects and then fabricate components. The group began experimenting with the process and partially executing about a year and a half ago, but just last October, they began depending on this method of facility building completely. Read More...

Annual Operations Managers Meeting


By: James Callahan

Danos operational service line managers and general managers recently gathered at headquarters in Gray, Louisiana, for their annual meeting to align everyone on corporate values, vision and strategies. We discussed ongoing action items for each service line and how to achieve those strategies. Read More...