2018 Summer Intern Program


By: Brittney St. Pierre

Human Resources Administrative Assistant Beth Dupre, Commercial Analyst Brittney St. Pierre, Talent Acquisition Lead Lee Rea, and Project Manager Supervisor Seth Guidry recently attended the LSU Career Expo to begin recruiting for Danos’ 2018 Summer Internship Program. The students were excited about our intern opportunities with many applying for the positions prior to the expo. Recruiting efforts will continue at both the Nicholls State University and University of Lafayette job fairs. Read More...

Yo-yo Competition Heats Up


By: David Gravois

Our company-wide yo-yo competition continues and we want YOU to be a part of it! We will continue to distribute keepsake 70th anniversary yo-yos throughout the organization up until the competition deadline of Friday, December 1. We had some great participation for an impromptu yo-yo competition at the Safety Focus on September 18. Check out the video of these tricksters. Think you can do better than these guys? Read More...

Getting SMART at Safety Focus


By: The Pipeline

Virtual reality, smartphone crowd participation, and the occasional bean bag toss for a prize were just a few things that made the first S.M.A.R.T. Safety Focus of 2017 a success. Make sure you don't miss out on our final Safety Focus of the year on September, 18 2017. Click read more to learn how to RSVP and to view pictures from Safety Focus. Read More...

Breakfast at Bristow


By: Travis Williams

Bristow Account Manager Travis Williams and LLOG Senior Account Manager Greg Evans, along with a few other Danos employees, recently cooked breakfast for their employees during a couple of crew changes at Bristow Galliano Heliport. Read More...

Christmas Celebration 2016


By: The Pipeline

From the workstation decoration contest to the ugly sweater competition, this year's Christmas celebration was filled with Christmas spirit. And to top it off, the VandeBelles of Vandebilt Catholic High stopped by to sing Christmas carols. Read More...

The Poseidon Adventure


By: Jeff Newberry

Poseidon is a well control/oil leak response vessel originally built for Arctic drilling support. It is currently located near Ensenada, Baja California along the Pacific coast in Mexico. The current owners asked Danos to consult with them for vessel ABS inspection requirements and marine equipment startup and operation. Read More...

Danos Rockstars


By: The Pipeline

Scott Theriot and Rocky Kiffe play with their local band for South Lafourche's 50th anniversary bash. Read More...

July 7&7


By: The Pipeline

Which one of your Danos coworkers would make the best U.S. President and why?

Brooke Hebert - Mr. Hank would be a great president.  He has run a successful business for many years and cares about his employees. I think he would do the same with this country and get it back on the right track with values of faith and family.
Scott Friedlander - Hank Danos. He's has done such a great job leading Danos, I believe he is ready for the next step of leading the whole country.
Brady Hebert - Reed Pere. He is a lion and that is what America needs. Who doesn’t want to go to battle led by a lion?
Melissa Adams - The first person that comes to mind is Mr. Hank because he is trustworthy and has an honest face. People like him and are drawn to him.
Gary Mitchell - Craig Gros. He already looks like George Bush.
Joni Leday - Jeremy Adkins. He had some serious dirty politics skills going on at Safety Focus.
Seth Guidry - The best presidents in U.S. history all had prior military service, were dedicated to govern according to the will of the people and exhibited true patriotism.  A few names come to mind when I attempt to fit co-workers into that criteria, so I’d have to pick the one I’ve worked with the most; JT Matheny, JSM material coordinator.

Employee Questionnaire


By: The Pipeline

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Michael Guidry - The whole Christmas experience.

Dawn Duthu - Having no responsibilities.

Matthew Pere - What’s there not to miss? Waking up on Saturday mornings watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hanging out and up to no good with my friends in Rienzi, and playing my Nintendo 64 to name a few.  Playing sports as a kid would probably be the thing I miss the most.  You don’t realize how fast time goes by when you’re having fun.

Jason Lemoine - Not having all of the wonderful responsibilities of being an adult.

Julie Lear - I miss being care free, and having a big imagination. My friends and I would always make up the craziest games, and constantly play make believe. We would also have so much fun with a refrigerator card board box…those were the days.

Jessi Verdin - No responsibilities. Now that I look back, keeping my room clean and making good grades wasn’t as hard after all.

Rayann Melancon - I miss my brother, Henry, and spending the summers with my Maw Maw and Paw Paw at their house “in the country” (Pearl River, LA).

Safety Focus a Success


By: The Pipeline

Our first Safety Focus had lots of laughs, much challenge and debate, and shameless candidates trying to earn votes by any means necessary. Congratulations to candidate Mike Guidry on being elected as our first Safety Focus President. Mark your calendars for the next one on June 20 to cast your vote for the next Safety Focus President.